Pathfinding Instructor
Colvig Silver Camps

An Amazing Outdoor Education and Trip Leading Opportunity!

The Majestic San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado


Pathfinding Instructor

Colvig Silver Camps
$3,135.00 / season
Some experience required
Start Date:
Job starts immediately! (May 30, 2019)

Colvig Silver Camps is hiring for the Pathfinding Instructor position. We have filled the female opening already, and are looking to fill the male position. We are currently looking to hire one male for the male Pathfinding Instructor position. The Pathfinding Instructor position is an expedition leading position, leading 16 and 17-year-olds on a 26-day expedition in the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado. Candidates should have extensive trip leading experience. Professional trip leading experience is preferred. We are also open to considering a short term employment duration ending on July 8th.

Minimum Age: 21 years of age, preferably a college junior

Terms of Employment: Pathfinding Instructors are hired for 11 weeks unless contracted otherwise

Requirements: Wilderness First Responder (WFR) and CPR certifications.

Salary: $3,135 plus room, board, laundry, and travel allowance

Time Off: Three days between sessions

Number Hired: 1-2 males and 1-2 females, depending on enrollment.


Pathfinding Instructors are responsible for a group of 6-12 campers, grades 9-11, on a four week wilderness expedition through alpine terrain in the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado. Responsibilities include being aware of and tending to physical and emotional safety and well being of campers, teaching basic outdoor skills (e.g. low-impact camping, map and compass), preparing trip menus and working with Expedition Coordinators, working with Program Directors to communicate needs and discussing problems that may arise within the group, and facilitating leadership roles and continuously working on group dynamics.

Pathfinding Instructors must be physically capable of leading challenging trips in the wilderness and must be interested in and/or knowledgeable about outdoor skills such as topographic map reading, outdoor cooking, backpacking techniques, minimum impact camping, etc. Knowledge of the environment and nature's processes is beneficial. Trip leading and personal wilderness travel experience are essential, as the trip itinerary consists of 25 straight nights in the wilderness with 3 re-supply drops along the way. Instructors must hold a current driver's license and have current Wilderness First Responder and CPR certifications through a recognized first aid provider.

CSC staff are asked to consistently provide positive, creative, and meaningful direction to the young lives with which they are entrusted. It is imperative that they be able to support established camp policies and promoted programs. This job is emotionally and physically demanding, as you will work 24 hours a day seven days a week out in the field. However, the rewards of such an experience for both camper and staff are exceptional. Be prepared to have more fun than you have ever had and to give more of yourself than you could ever imagine!