Arts and Crafts Coordinator
Colvig Silver Camps

Seeking Arts & Crafts Coordinator for Summer Camp in SW Colorado!

Residential/Wilderness Adventure Summer Camp on 600 acres in Southwest Colorado!


Arts and Crafts Coordinator

Colvig Silver Camps
Durango, Colorado
$2,420.00 / season
Previous experience required
Start Date:
Job starts in 3 months (May 24, 2019)

Colvig Silver Camps is looking to hire one Arts and Crafts Coordinator to lead art and craft activities at our Art Barn for the summer! We are looking for an individual who wants to work in a rustic environment leading a wide variety of arts and crafts activities.  We are looking for people with experience leading/teaching arts and crafts to children.  Art Education majors make very strong applicants, though our Arts and Crafts position requires much flexibility and creativity, as a our program has a less structure than that of a  typical school art program.

***In addition to leading arts and crafts activities throughout the summer, the Arts and Crafts Coordinator is responsible for leading large groups of campers in tie dying. Every camper leaves camp with a screen printed tie dye shirt.  The Arts and Crafts Coordinator must be very proficient in the entire tie dye process, leading and instructing various tie dye techniques, and screen printing original drawings on to the shirts (campers will draw various drawings, and the campers will choose one of the drawings to go on every shirt for that age group and term). These tie dye sessions are pre-scheduled and will typically consist of about 20 -30 campers and 6 - 10 staff. This is the most difficult part of this position, as it requires great time management, preparation and foresight, in order for the shirts to be complete prior to camper departure.***

Minimum Age: 21 years of age, preferably college junior 
Terms of Employment: The Arts and Crafts Coordinator is hired for 11 weeks, unless contracted otherwise 
Salary: $2420-, plus room, board, laundry and travel allowance
Time Off: Approximately one night off per week, plus three days between sessions 
Number Hired: One

The "Art Barn" Coordinator develops arts & crafts programs for all age levels (7-17) and supervises the Art Barn while campers are involved in projects. This will include setting up work areas for specific crafts, coordinating materials and supplies, scheduling groups and projects with input from other staff, giving creative direction to campers and staff, and making sure that everything is put away and organized after each project.

The Art Barn Coordinator will take on varying roles with each group as necessary. Some group will need direction through every aspect of a project, while others may simply need materials and supplies to be ready for counseling staff to lead the activity. Some groups may need initial instruction from the Coordinator for the counseling staff to lead the activity. The number of groups using the art barn during any given activity period will depend on the level of leadership needed, the types of projects, the number of participants, and limits set by the Coordinator. Ultimately, the Art Barn Coordinator has discretion regarding the scheduling and leading of any group or project. Counseling staff are responsible for working with the Coordinator to schedule activities, assisting and managing campers during projects, and for cleanup. The Crafts Coordinator sets up for activities, leads activities when necessary and oversees cleanup. The Coordinator is also responsible for keeping a running inventory of supplies, keeping craft materials and equipment operative and noting items to reorder.

The Art Barn Coordinator should be knowledgeable and skillful in a wide variety of crafts including pottery, leatherwork, beading, collages, lapidary, nature crafts, wood crafts, candle making, batiking, tie dying, silk screening, painting, photography, etc. There is a standard set of activities offered each summer, for which we pre-order equipment and supplies, and for which we have detailed plans. The coordinator is encouraged to supplement these standard activities with a wide variety of other crafts projects, so long as they fit within the Colvig Silver Camps philosophy and budget. The abilities to visually supervise campers' safety and to creatively motivate others are essential. As with our other support staff, the Art & Crafts Coordinator will be asked to assist with various other aspects of camp, including supervising movie nights, helping with other activities, washing dishes, etc.

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