Camp Cook
Colvig Silver Camps

Nourish and Support Our Camp Community with Your Delicious Food!

Overnight Summer Camp on 600 acres in Southwest Colorado!

Durango, Colorado
$4,180.00 / season
Some experience required
Start Date:
Job starts in 3 months (May 24, 2019)

Colvig Silver Camps is seeking some help this summer in the kitchen. We need an experienced chef or cook who has experience cooking for large groups of people (50 - 100+). Commercial kitchen and/or catering experience preferred. Childcare, summer camp and/or outdoor experience is desired. First Aid, CPR and Food Handling Certification is required if hired.

Salary: $4180. Housing and Travel Allowance included. There is also the potential for Tuition Benefits for Chefs or Cooks who have children of age to attend camp (age 8 - 17). For children too young to attend camp, we have hired Nanny's in the past. 

We will be looking to hire 2 - 3 Cooks for this coming summer. Chefs will be required to live on-site and commit to a contract period for the entire summer (May 24 - August 10) with approximately one full day off each week and a mid-summer break in between sessions (July 8, 9, 10).

Camp Cooks will reside in the Cooks Cabin and have a cozy cabin to their self. The Cooks Cabin is located next to the Lodge/Kitchen, has a private full bathroom There is also wifi access in the cook's cabin.

Camp Cooks work long hours on a typical day, waking up early to prepare breakfast, and are off-duty after dinner. We do have some special events on certain days that may follow a different schedule. Cooks are not required to be in the kitchen the entire day and are free to rest, visit camper activities, go for a walk, take time for themselves during down times between meals.  Cooks sometimes may be asked to assist with cooking-related activities (e.g. baking cookies, cakes, etc.). Cooks will not be required to do dishes (except for the occasional knife or dish that they need at a particular moment) as we have our Assistant Counselor's take care of dish duty following every meal (using a commercial dishwasher). The number of people Cooks cook for changes on a daily basis as we have a wilderness trip component to our program, meaning entire age groups (20 - 30 kids) will leave camp property to go on a trip for 3 - 5 days at a time. Generally, Cooks only cook for 100+ people on opening and closing days, and a day or two during the session when everyone is in camp.  Once the trips program commences, chefs will generally be preparing meals for groups of 50 - 70 people. Chefs will also sometimes be asked to assist in other areas of camp when their schedule permits (e.g. dropping off/picking up trips, movie nights, extra supervision, programming, etc.)

Working as a Camp Cook is different than typical cook positions. It is not a shift-based position, it is rather a daily commitment for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Think of it as a home where your family is really big. You will be cooking for the camp community (campers and staff) but will have freedom as well during the day. This is a job for someone who can manage themselves professionally and show up for others. It is a different type of commitment than other cook positions, and it can be more rewarding than other cook positions. We need you to care about the community you are cooking for like a family cares for each other.

How to Apply

We respect and take very good care of our folks in the kitchen, please review our website for more details about Colvig Silver Camps and don't hesitate to contact us 970-247-2564 with any further questions.

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