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Most staff will be expected to arrive on May 9th 2021.  Peak season months are June and July. Some staff will be asked to commit to peak season and some to stay until November 1st. Please indicate your preference. The first two weeks are to open the ranch.  The final week is to shut down the ranch for the winter.

  • Kitchen Assistant

    Colorado Trails Ranch
    $12.50 / hour + tips

    The kitchen assistant assists the chef with daily meal production. There are two kitchen assistants, a breakfast cook/baker and a chef. The kitchen assistants share the responsibility of prepping food, doing dishes and keeping the kitchen clean. 

    On top of dishes and cleaning you will be responsible for cold food prep. This involves our daily salad bar and nightly salad specials. Knife skills come in handy here. Following standardized recipes is essential. You don't have to have much previous knowledge if you can follow a standardized recipe and instructions from the chef. There will also be an opportunity for you to do some baking. We make a daily bread from scratch for our evening meal and you may fill in for the baker and make an occasional dessert. If you are interested in grilling meats, there may be some opportunity for that as well. 

    We try to keep the kitchen a lively, fun and positive work environment. We will often listen to music. You should be open to listening to what the team chooses and a variety of music. You must be able to stand and work for long hours. Being able to work with your teammates in a positive manner is critical. Persons with drug and alcohol problems or a tendency for inappropriate behavior of any kind will not be tolerated. If you have some food and beverage experience that would be helpful but we will train a person with common sense and a "can do" attitude. 

    Bonus: All positions are eligible for a $1.00 an hour bonus for each regular hour and $1.50 an hour for each over time hour worked upon satisfactorily completing your employment contract. This means is you start at $12.50 an hour you will end up making $13.50. 


  • Wrangler/Kid's Counselor

    Colorado Trails Ranch
    $12.50 / hour + tips

    Currently our counselors are also wranglers. This helps keep some continuity in the kids week as well as break up the wrangler duties. 

    We offer comprehensive children’s/teen’s program for ages 5 through 17. The program is divided into three age groups, 5-8, 9-12, and 13-17. Counselors must have a high level of energy, lots of enthusiasm and creativity, and a great deal of responsibility. This is a very demanding job and we expect you to keep your group entertained. Horse background is necessary, and a level of comfort around horses is necessary, as you will be leading your group on trail rides. You must also be able to lead your group through other activities to include, hiking, archery, riflery, swimming, power tubing, rafting, arts and crafts, and other children's activities. This is a very physical position and requires long hours and lots of dedication plus a natural enjoyment of working with children & teens. Counselors must be mature and assume a leadership/role model position. Counselors will be expected to drive the kids to various activities and must be at least 21 years old with a clean driving record; current CPR certification and first aid card is required, and classes with be offered at Colorado Trails. We request a short video demonstrating riding abilities from all counselor applicants. We ask to see you catching, grooming, bridling and saddling, mounting, riding at a walk, jog, lope and stopping, dismounting and untacking a horse.

    Bonus: All positions are eligible for a $1.00 an hour bonus for each regular hour and $1.50 an hour for each over time hour worked upon satisfactorily completing your employment contract. This means if you start at $12.50 an hour you will end up making $13.50. During peak season there is a shared tip pool. In the later a la carte season you can receive tips from trail guiding. 

  • Housekeeper/Server

    Colorado Trails Ranch
    $12.50 / hour + tips

    Operations staff work as housekeeping and wait staff in addition to helping run the Trading Post (ranch ice cream, espresso and gift shop). Staff members who are hired as operations will perform all three duties over the course of a week on a rotating basis. We have found that our employees enjoy the chance to learn the different skills associated with each department and the chance to work with different co-workers. We count on staff in all of these areas to be detail oriented and to insure overall superior service and hospitality to our ranch guests.

    Housekeeping responsibilities include the cleaning of guest cabins and common areas of the ranch – changing towels, making & changing beds, cleaning bathrooms, taking out trash, vacuuming, washing windows, dusting, and various other cleaning related activities. Housekeepers also help with dinner dishes.

    Wait staff duties include, but are not limited to, serving food to guests and staff in our dining room or at outdoor meals and functions, cleaning of dining room and deck, stocking server’s refrigerator, cleaning server’s areas of the kitchen, and packing for cookouts.

    Trading Post duties include but are not necessarily limited to, overseeing the cleanliness, stocking and organization of both the Trading Post and Soda Fountain areas, preparing and serving espresso drinks, ice cream, milkshakes and sodas in the Soda Fountain, insuring the Trading Post is covered for the hours it is open and maintaining superior customer service and a friendly, “western hospitality” attitude towards guests.

    Bonus: All positions are eligible for a $1.00 an hour bonus for each regular hour and $1.50 an hour for each over time hour worked upon satisfactorily completing your employment contract. This means is you start at $12.50 an hour you will end up making $13.50. There is also a tip pool that is shared each pay period. 

How to Apply

Please read through the employment information on our website. From there you can apply online.

Please send in all the required information and a COMPLETE application. We do request that you provide email addresses for your references, if at all possible along with phone numbers. We are finding that folks may prefer to respond to a reference request at their leisure rather than us calling at an inopportune time.

Also, If you're applying for our counselor or wrangler positions, please submit a short riding video demonstrating your riding skills. We ask the video to show you:
  ~ catching a horse, grooming, saddling and bridling it
  ~ then mounting and riding a short distance at a walk, jog and a lope
  ~ lastly, dismounting and untacking the horse.

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