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Our original start date was to be May 11, 2020 but we have pushed this back to June 07, 2020.  We need staff to stay until at least August 8th but also need quite a few staff to stay until September 19, 2020 or so. Our main guest season runs from June 21st to September 12th. The first two weeks are to open the ranch.  The final week is to shut down the ranch for the winter.

  • Housekeeper/Server

    $12.00 / hour + tips

    Operations staff work as housekeeping and wait staff in addition to helping run the Trading Post (ranch ice cream and gift shop). Staff members who are hired as operations will perform all three duties over the course of a week on a rotating basis. We have found that our employees enjoy the chance to learn the different skills associated with each department and the chance to work with different co-workers. We count on staff in all of these areas to be detail oriented and to insure overall superior service and hospitality to our ranch guests.

    Housekeeping responsibilities include the cleaning of guest cabins and common areas of the ranch – changing towels, making & changing beds, cleaning bathrooms, taking out trash, vacuuming, washing windows, dusting, and various other cleaning related activities. Housekeepers also help with dinner dishes.

    Wait staff duties include, but are not limited to, serving food to guests and staff in our dining room or at outdoor meals and functions, cleaning of dining room and deck, stocking server’s refrigerator, cleaning server’s areas of the kitchen, and packing for cookouts.

    Trading Post duties include but are not necessarily limited to, overseeing the cleanliness, stocking and organization of both the Trading Post and Soda Fountain areas, preparing and serving ice cream, milkshakes and sodas in the Soda Fountain, insuring the Trading Post is covered for the hours it is open and maintaining superior customer service and a friendly, “western hospitality” attitude towards guests.

    Bonus: All positions are eligible for a $1.00 an hour bonus for each regular hour and $1.50 an hour for each over time hour worked upon satisfactorily completing your employment contract. This means is you start at $12.00 an hour you will end up making $13.00. There is also a tip pool that is shared each pay period. 

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How to Apply

Please read through the employment information on our website. From there you can apply online.

Please send in all the required information and a COMPLETE application. We do request that you provide email addresses for your references, if at all possible along with phone numbers. We are finding that folks may prefer to respond to a reference request at their leisure rather than us calling at an inopportune time.

Also, If you're applying for our counselor or wrangler positions, please submit a short riding video demonstrating your riding skills. We ask the video to show you:
  ~ catching a horse, grooming, saddling and bridling it
  ~ then mounting and riding a short distance at a walk, jog and a lope
  ~ lastly, dismounting and untacking the horse.

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