Colorado Mountain Ranch Summer Camp

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Since 1947, Colorado Mountain Ranch campers have sung “You’re the Best in All the World!” for Camp Spirit and the winning Place, People, and Programs! Work outdoors with children and build community with a congenial team.

The Colorado Mountain Ranch is unique in that it is a Children's Day Camp with all 45 staff members in residence on-site. Bunkhouse-style living and and good food are benefits. Since the mid-1940's, the Camp has been a small family-owned and operated organization. Weekends may include serving outside groups for various events such as weddings or work projects to maintain the facilities. Community develops as the staff members live and work together to manage all the systems of operation and stay active playing outdoors with children in the mountains. Most staff members share the same recreational time-off schedule, usually Wednesday nights and Sundays, with some Saturday nights, too. When completing this form, please feel free to skip over any questions that do not apply. Applicants must be at least 18 years old and have at least one year of post-high school education and/or work experience. The 2018 season is from May 29-August 12. Wranglers arrive May 27. The arrival date is not negotiable. TIME SAVER! If you wish, please call us, email, or send your resume before making the time to complete the full application.

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Music, Dance, Stories

Operational SUPPORT POSITIONS (these also include work with children)

Maintenance, Repairs & Construction

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Current Certifications

A First Aid & CPR class that is child specific is offered on site during the Staff Orientation week for those not yet certified. Cost $55.00.

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IMPORTANT! NEEDS & POLICIES: It must be understood and agreed that there shall be no use of any controlled substance while you are a staff member at The Colorado Mountain Ranch. Absolutely NO alcoholic beverages, marijuana or any other drug may be brought onto Ranch property and no one is ever to be in Camp under the influence. We cannot allow pets or overnight guests. Staff members help with all aspects of Ranch operations, programs and projects. Children are at The Ranch for ten weeks. Ranch staff members also serve weddings, corporate events, family retreats and ropes course seminars. Many ongoing improvement projects continue all summer. The work with children, adults, and projects can be very demanding for long hours. You will be asked to make a professional presentation at all times.