Colorado Mountain Ranch Summer Camp

Confidential Reference Form

Colorado Mountain Ranch staff members must be positive members of our hard- working residential community. Personal qualifications include an understanding of and respect for the needs and interests of people of all ages, good work ethic, physically active, love of the outdoors, maturity, resourcefulness, good character, optimism, motivation, flexibility, and ability to work well with others as a team. We are selective in our hiring. Your personal evaluation of the applicant will help us choose a dedicated and capable staff. A “Release from Liability” that covers any information you share in this reference has been signed by the applicant and is on file. You may request a copy of this release from our office. All of your remarks will be kept in strict confidence. We must receive your reference in order to further consider this applicant.

Documentation of experience

Please email copies of any credentials or documentations of training or experience that may be in your files to