College Settlement Camps

Camp talent shows close out each session.
Another way to cool off
Best camp ever! Join our team.
Best place to be on a hot afternoon!
Camp sessions always begin and end with a campfire.
Fishing is always a camp favorite!
It is ten degrees cooler up there.
Kids enjoy the raspberries at our organic farm.
Off camp bike trip
One of our two high ropes courses
Our environmental center is very popular with the campers
Raising self esteem
Summer biking program
Team building is a huge part of our program
The camp Uber!
We are not sure who has more fun - the staff or the kids.
We love to offer new and weird sports - like cricket!
With 2 pools, staff help teach campers to swim

With over 100 years of making a positive impact on kids, come join us for a summer of discovery, camaraderie and fun.

College Settlement Camp’s mission is to deliver a unique camp experience to young people without regard to economic circumstances. We are a nonprofit organization with over 100 years of success. Our programs foster personal growth, provide a safe, affordable, and nurturing place for young people to enjoy the outdoors while learning about themselves, others and the environment.

Conveniently located 15 miles outside of Philadelphia, College Settlement's 235 acre Horsham campus is a beautiful location for hundreds of activities in our forests and wetlands, ponds and creeks,

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