College Settlement Camps

Camp talent shows close out each session.

A great job for an experienced leader looking for that next step up on their way to a FT job

Our beautiful 70 acre mountain outpost. Located amidst 5000 acres of state game land and perfectly positioned as a base for hiking some of the most breathtaking trails in Pennsylvania, white water rafting and great camp crafting.



College Settlement Camps
Spruce Run Outpost, Pennsylvania
$3,800.00 / season
Some experience required
Start Date:
Job starts in 4 months (Jun 11, 2018)

Our Spruce Run Outpost (SRO) Leader is a mid-management level position with time spent at both our outpost and our base camp locations.  The SRO leader coordinates all activities for our 13 - 14 year old Teen Adventure Program (TAP) campers during their 5 days trips to our beautiful mountain outpost in Pennsylvania's Pocono mountains.  The SRO leader coordinates activities for the TAP counselors who bring their group of 12 campers to SRO as a base for water rafting, hiking, mountain biking and rustic camping at our beautiful mountain outpost.

The TAP and SRO leaders spend their summer guiding their campers through a wide range of activities.  Base camp activities include high ropes, biking, boating, fishing, swimming and  river tubing.  During the trip to our mountain outpost where the campers learn how to cook their own meals, get to sleep in Adirondack shelters, take a white water rafting trip and hike some of the most breathtaking trails in Pennsylvania.

The SRO leader's role is to create an environment that encourages cooperation, personal growth, and positive participation. As a mentor and guide for the campers, you are required to manage group dynamics, to motivate individuals, to set common goals and keep group on track to accomplish them.  The outpost program encourages our campers to push their comfort levels, to be brave, to be independent as the group participates in a series of more challenging outdoor activities.

The most important facet of being a great SRO leader is to be an avid outdoors enthusiast who can share that love for all things outdoorsy with our campers! We look for leaders who can make good judgement calls, are hard working, self motivated, are flexible, enthusiastic and prepared to dive in with any and all activities.  Leaders must have experience with camping, hiking and have great organizational skills. We recruit staff who will be positive role models, who are patient, compassionate and genuinely committed with the welfare and development of young people - especially teens!

The SRO leader must also be highly organized and comfortable supervising 2-3 staff members while they are up at the outpost.

Brief overview of the position:

  • Prep for trips - organizing medical, food and program supplies  with base camp staff
  • Give campers and TAP staff a pre trip orientation and therefore are ready to go, enthusiastic and packed properly!
  • Communicate with the Camp Director, Camp Nurse and base camp TAP staff regularly 
  • Making sure ALL camp policies and procedures are followed at the outpost site. 
  • Calling ahead to confirm reservations, check weather and run alternate activities when plans have to be changed.   
  • Be the lead on hiking and rafting trips, and all outpost activities such as meal prep and clean up, night hikes, 
  • Take overall onsite responsibility for making sure the trips are safe, fun, safe, rewarding, safe and awesome.  And safe.   And fun.
  • While back at base camp, rejoins the camp community for activities such as hurling, rugby, drama, weird and cool crafts, bug hunts, instrument making, cricket - who knows what each summer's crew of counselors will bring.

June 11-23 Our Staff orientation is 11-14 days and is a comprehensive training that includes a chance to scout out the activity locations, behavior management, tips and tricks for working with kids, emergency trainings, protocols and procedures for the summer.  It also is intended to be fun and rewarding for the staff, and created bonds that builds a strong team.  We also offer a lifeguard training, first aid and CPR course, plus a high ropes course certification course at no cost to our staff.

June 25 - August 18 The camp sessions are 5 or 12 days, and we run 5 sessions per summer.  Camp staff have weekends off between each session so there is ample opportunity to visit Philadelphia, New York, Washington D.C., the Pocono Mountains or the Jersey Shore for some rest and relaxation before the next session of campers arrive the following Monday.

  1. Red Cross First Aid and CPR or equivalent certification as  approved by the American Camp Association (or ability to gain by the start of summer season)
  2. Red Cross Life Guard Certification preferred or equivalent as  approved by the American Camping (or ability to gain by the start of summer
  3. Valid driver's license and ability to drive 15 passenger camp vehicles
  1. Three years of experience in camping, education, recreation, or group-related work.
  2. Experience and desire to lead extended overnight outdoor recreation and outdoor living skills programs.
  3. Two years’ experience with adventure based activities such as kayaking, white water rafting, climbing or biking, hiking and camping
  4. At least 1 former leadership position with peer aged colleagues
  5. At least two years’ experience in driving motor vehicles
  6. At least 6 months experience working with teenage youth
  7. Age 21 years or more

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