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Seafood processors perform a variety of tasks that can include anything from sorting, cutting and cleaning, grading, packing salmon roe to clean up.

Most of the work is repetitive and tedious; some work can be very strenuous.

Here's an overview of our departments:

  • Buying Crew: Buying fish on the beach
  • Dock Crew: Receive fish at plant
  • Fish House: Cut fish
  • Packing: Package fish
  • Egg Room: Process and package fish eggs
  • Maintenance: Keep things running
  • Galley Staff: Prepare and serve meals for the crew
  • Housekeeping: Laundry and janitorial work
  • Office Staff: Payroll, record keeping, and other admin tasks

Our starting wage is $18.06/hr. Overtime is paid at 1.5x regular time.

The Bristol Bay Season generally runs from June-July, we can transfer you to other E&E Foods plants if you would like a longer season after Bristol Bay.

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  • Seafood Processor

    $18.06 / hour

    Seasonal Seafood Processor for the 2023 Bristol Bay Salmon Season; June-July. This job requires working constantly with hands, some heavy lifting, and standing for long periods of time. Employee must work quickly in order to meet production deadlines and shall have the ability to understand and follow instructions and safety rules. The work environment can be very wet, and cold.

    Nature of Work:

    Seafood processors perform a variety of tasks that can include anything from sorting, cutting and cleaning, grading, packing salmon roe to cleanup. Most of the work is repetitive and tedious. Some work can be very strenuous such as stacking 50 lb cases of frozen product, pushing freezer racks or carts of salmon. Working conditions vary with the assignment, but are generally wet, cold and noisy. Working in a processing plant is not an experience for everyone, and everyone should understand their limitations. If you have any doubts at all, it is in your best interest not to apply for this type of work. People with back or wrist problems should consider employment in another industry.

    Hours of Work:

    Hours and days of work are entirely dependent upon the size of the fish run which is nearly impossible to predict. While we can't guarantee any definite number of hours, a workweek can be up to seven days. A workday can run anywhere from nothing to more than sixteen hours per day. You must be ready and able to work all hours assigned. Meal periods and breaks must be taken as scheduled.

    Living Conditions:

    Our Seafood processing locations are very remote areas in Alaska. Housing is dormitory-style. There are no health care options nearby. Communication is very limited.

    Room & Board provided at no cost.

    Transportation from point of hire and return provided at no cost upon season completion.


    $18.06 per regular hour, $27.09/OT.

How to Apply

COVID-19 NOTE:   Due to the remote location and shared housing, all employees will be required to be vaccinated. We are putting in place policies and procedures to protect everyone at the facility and will have more information to share as we get closer to the season. Stay healthy and safe!  Thank you.

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