Camp Civitan

Camp staff help members participate in all the activities at Camp Civitan, including singing.
Community organizations visit Camp Civitan on a regular basis to entertain the campers.
Camp Civitan is located near the historic Route 66 town of Williams, Arizona.
Camp Civitan takes camp attendees on fun excursions each week.
Camp Civitan staff build relationships from one summer to the next. Many camp staff work at Camp Civitan for four full summers.

A Summer Experience of #EndlessMemories

The Civitan Foundation’s longest running, and most beloved program offers week-long camp sessions throughout the summer, and weekend adventures once a month during the rest of the year. Our camp programs for children and adults with developmental disabilities are designed to promote positive, healthy lifestyles while building meaningful and lasting relationships.

Located near the Grand Canyon, Camp Civitan is a 15-acre wheelchair accessible facility for developmentally disabled children and adults in the cool Northern Arizona pine country town of Williams.

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