Chinook Shores Lodge

Chinook Shores Lodge in Ketchikan, Alaska

Housing Included! Spend next summer on the water as a dockhand at an Alaska fishing lodge!

Beautiful oceanfront property located in Alaska rainforest: sometimes rainy and sometimes sunny!

Ketchikan, Alaska
unknown / hour + tips
No experience required
Start Date:
Starts in 6 months. (Jun 01, 2023)

We are currently hiring for our Dockhand position for summer 2023 in Alaska! Our dockhands are responsible for ensuring that our lodge guests have everything they need for a fun and relaxing day out on the water, and that their fish is filleted and processed to the highest standard. This begins with making sure boats are thoroughly cleaned, fueled and stocked with the proper fishing gear every night. At the lodge we have 10 boats and up to 36 guests fishing each day!  Employees who have excelled at this position are those who prioritize cleanliness, have strong attention to detail, are self-motivated, enjoy taking on responsibility, and can work quickly without compromising quality or customer service. No boating or fishing experience is required -- you just need a positive attitude, strong work ethic, and willingness! We are happy to train, and enjoy seeing our employees grow and develop new skills! 

Our Dockhands greet and assist guests every morning as they head out for, and come back in from a day of fishing. The ideal candidate has strong customer service instincts and enjoys talking with guests. As a small family-run business we enjoy spending time to get to know our guests personally -- many have been coming to the lodge for years! When hiring new employees we look for people who will help us continue to foster a friendly and personable environment, while upholding the key principles of professionalism.

Additional job duties include:

  • Maintain organization and cleanliness of all marine facility, shop and fish processing areas.
  • Expedite all requests from guests including transport of baggage to and from beach houses, and delivering ice, fishing equipment and coolers to rental boats.
  • Conduct boat and safety orientations with guests on arrival days and during their stay when questions arise.
  • Shuttle guests to and from the airport or grocery store. 
  • Clean and sanitize fish processing facilities, and dock daily. 

Average Day: The two most common shifts for this position are split shift and afternoon shift. Due to the variability and unpredictability in guests' fishing habits, dockhands are occasionally called in early or asked to stay late to help fellow crew members. For example, when all the boats come in at the same time, or when there is a lot of fish to process. The ideal candidate must have strong customer service/communication skills and be able to work quickly and effectively with their teammates. In the past our strongest employees were the ones who always kept their teammates in mind as they were working. 

1) Split Shift: Works mornings and evenings with afternoons off. 

  • 5:30am-10am Assist guests as they head out for a day of fishing: ice their boats, wipe down windows, carry gear, answer questions about the weather, fishing spots and fishing gear operation. Prepare and maintain fishing tackle. 
  • 5pm-8pm Assist guests as they come in from fishing: tie up boats, unload fish, take photos upon request, scrub boats, fuel boats, wash fish rags, empty cabin garbage cans, assist with filleting and processing fish, end of the night cleaning etc. 

 2) Afternoon Shift: Works afternoons and evenings with mornings off. 

  • 2pm-8pm Guest services and lodge upkeep, prepping for evening shift, assisting guests as they come in from fishing, scrubbing boats, processing fish, end of the night cleaning etc. 

Turnover Day: On turnover days you will likely work a split shift. Your morning will consist of helping with turnover duties: cleaning boats to the highest standard, cleaning and restocking tackle boxes, washing fish rags, cleaning rain gear, fueling boats, boxing fish, giving boat orientations to new guests and shuttling guests to and from the airport. 

Knowledge of fishing gear, and experience boating or fishing can be helpful, but is not required for this position -- some of our best dock hands started without any boating or fishing experience at all! The ideal candidate has a positive attitude, strong work ethic, and willingness to learn and help out fellow team members. 

Our season runs June 1st - September 30th.  Additional part time work may be available in May and October. 


Employees with boating or fishing experience typically have access to boats and fishing gear at least once a week. Most of our employees end up taking home a box of fish at the end of the season! We encourage employees to experience SE AK fishing and to learn the techniques and local waters in order to enhance customer service.

Employees with valid driver’s licenses may check out lodge vehicles for day trips to nearby hiking trails, fly fishing, or to just explore Ketchikan. There are several beautiful nearby hiking trails and beaches to explore, and kayaks and jet-skis are available to rent at the marina just down the road. For wildlife lovers -- humpback whales, orcas, sea lions, harbor seals, black bears and bald eagles are just a few that we see frequently at the lodge!


Apartment-style housing is included and is within walking distance to the lodge, local marina, and restaurants. Bathrooms and bedrooms are occasionally shared between 2 people depending on how many employees we hire that season. Because our employees spend so much time together, we look for people that we feel will work well together and make a strong team. Crew quarters are completely furnished, and Wi-Fi is provided at no cost to employees. Cell service is good for most carriers at the lodge and around Ketchikan. Lodge vehicles are generally available to employees for weekly grocery shopping and other errands and outings. Crew quarters are walking distance to public bus transportation that goes all the way to downtown Ketchikan. 

How to Apply

Please send your resume to along with your desired start and end dates, and a brief introduction about yourself to help us get to know you! 

Or click APPLY NOW to apply through our website and be sure to attach your resume.

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