Charit Creek Lodge

Beautiful sunset
Hanging out at the Twin Arches.
Crew treats!
Artemis - one of our three cats.
Dinner time!
The Corn Crib
Busting firewood!
Playing in the garden

Work and live off the grid on East Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau, room and board provided!!

Charit Creek Lodge is operated by Wilderness Lodging, LLC, an approved National Park Service concessioner. We are a small, locally owned company that puts emphasis on hospitality, hand crafted meals and crew development. Several of our buildings are listed on the National Historic Registry!

200 year old homestead located in a beautiful valley setting within the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area.

About Charit Creek Lodge

Charit Creek Lodge offers an unforgettable experience for our crew members.  Our crew members are typically nature lovers who embrace our first-class way of hospitality and back-country lodging. Our crew comes from all over, bringing their own unique talents and personalities.  We embrace this and attempt to create lasting relationships centered on embracing our differences and building trust and love for each other.

Charit Creek Lodge is about an hour from the closest town of Jamestown, Tennessee. Here you will find such amenities as electricity, internet, a laundromat, a post office (we have a mail delivery option for crew members), a grocery store, and dining options.

We work hard. We overcome obstacles. We learn from our mistakes and work to create a culture of positivity and success. We have a lot of fun!! Join us!!

The Employee Experience

Charit Creek Lodge embraces a culture of diversity and positivity in all that we do!  Crew members from different backgrounds enrich our experience and we encourage everyone to accept and grow from each other.  We treat each other with respect and value all crew members all an integral part of our team.  Many past crew members come back to the lodge, either to work a little or just to be part of the lodge for a bit.  We are lucky to have such a diverse and culturally rich history with our crew members and strive to continue this.

Ideal Candidate

Successful crew members at Charit Creek Lodge are typically open-minded, capable, hard-working, kind, and ambitious people.  Crew members who embrace off the grid living and who want to work in that type of environment generally do well at the lodge.  The work is hard but rewarding and we are tired at the end of the day.  We care for our guests on a level that is uncommon in this day and time.  Do you want to work in a culture of positivity and success?  Do you want to live and work in an off the grid location?  If so, Charit Creek Lodge may be for you!

Room and Board

Crew Village - a place to rest, unwind, rejuvenate and build relationships.  It exists of private or semi private structures for each employee, firepits, games and a recently composting toilet.  Housing is provided as a crew member at Charit Creek Lodge.

Employee Perks

Outdoor and recreational opportunities of the area are second to none!  Boating, camping, hiking, caving, trail running, bouldering, climbing, horseback riding, mountain biking, and other activities present themselves in the Big South Fork NRRA.  For those wishing to have a broader experience, a 2-3 hour drive offers a wider array of activities in such areas as the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Mammoth Cave National Park, Obed Wild and Scenic River along with various other wilderness and recreational areas.

Knoxville and Nashville are approximately 2 - 2.5 hours from the lodge and offer all of the dining, music and cultural opportunities you could want.  (There is also electricity and internet there!)

Getting Here and Getting Around

Charit Creek Lodge is about 2 - 2.5 hours from Knoxville and Nashville.  These towns have major airports and are the best ways to fly into the area.  Knoxville is a little closer and generally has everything you'd need to live richly in city life.  The lodge is about 1 hour from the much smaller towns of Jamestown, TN, and Oneida, TN.  Most crew members travel to Jamestown for most errands including laundry, groceries, and mail (we maintain a PO Box for crew members here).  

Charit Creek Lodge is a hike-in only lodge and is exceedingly remote.  The hike into the lodge from the parking lot is 1.3 miles.  Once at the lodge, all the buildings are relatively close.  ALL crew members must hike into the lodge.

Due to our remoteness, we highly recommend that all crew members have their own personal transportation. While not having a car is not a deal-breaker, it would be difficult to get around.

For Fun

Outdoor adventures abound in the area.  Most of our guests and crew members capitalize on the hundreds of miles of hiking trails located within the national area.  World-class rock climbing and bouldering, boating, and caving exist all around.  IMBA has designated one of our mountain biking trails as an EPIC RIDE -  a top 100 mountain bike trail!  Trail running is a great way to experience the park.  Horseback riding is very popular in the area and would be a great way to see different areas located within the park boundary.

The Big South Fork adjoins Pickett State Park, which has been designated an international dark sky!  The night sky viewing is amazing for star viewing, meteor showers, moon phases, and all other magical events!

Nashville and Knoxville Tennessee boasts fantastic dining, breweries, music, and art cultures and has all of the big city activities that one could imagine. 

How to Apply

To apply, please send your resume to the email address below.  Thank you!

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