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Carlo Creek
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Owner, Tucker, and Operations Manager, Kristin
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Shared Bath Cabins
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Historic homestead offering Alaskan hospitality since 1959!

Carlo Creek Lodge offers a rich Alaskan history having been in my family since my grandparents homesteaded it in 1959. The original lodge is still used as our office today and many of our cabins are some of the original structures. We are a small team who wants to provide guests a little bit of that old Alaskan experience.

We are located at Mile 224 Parks Highway 13 miles South of the entrance to Denali National Park. We have 11 wooded and creekside acres outside of the high traffic areas. It is the perfect atmosphere for travelers on a looking for a peaceful setting full of history!

About Denali's Carlo Creek Lodge

We take pride in the fact we offer a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle yet close enough to enjoy all the Denali National Park area has to offer. Everything on our property has been handcrafted starting with my grandfather in 1959 followed by my father 25+ years ago then expanded further by my own hands these last 15 years. My significant other finds it magical with a rich history and many tales to tell. I see it as my childhood stomping grounds and take much pride in keeping it as "Alaskan" as possible. 

In many ways, it is still the same. We are still bordered by beautiful Carlo Creek, wake up looking right at the hills of Denali National Park, and have the same local Momma Moose stop by from time to time. If you enjoy the great outdoors and having a peaceful spot to relax and unwind after work then look no further. We would love for you to add to the history of Carlo Creek Lodge. 

The Employee Experience

How many places can offer housing, views and a great way to explore Denali National Park? You would also have the chance to meet our 2 Australian Shepard sidekicks, Loki and Thor. We seek 4 new team members to join us each summer. Neither of us shy away from hard work and take a hands-on approach to the care of the Lodge. It is why we truly value good work ethic and team members who appreciate the outdoors and providing guests an opportunity to share a bit of Alaskan history. It's a fun inclusive place to be with incredible views to live a low key summer. 

Over the years our best teams have been those that love to share their enthusiasm for getting outside with the guests and take advantage of all the great activities Denali has to offer. Our staff are important members of our team and we value your input and reward hard work, initiative, and energy. Forgo a uniform and pack your bags with attire that represents and encourages getting outside. It is not uncommon for our team to resemble more of an REI Catalog or Outdoor Magazine scene then your traditional hospitality brochure. 

Feedback from past team members: 

  • "The wildlife is real from birds to Moose and the guests!" - 2019 Staff
  • "I learned a lot and thank you for the opportunity to take on something new!" - 2019 Staff
  • "It was wonderful and the birds are amazing! I greatly appreciate the opportunity and your shared wisdom." - 2018 Staff
  • "Thanks for everything!" - 2017 On-site Manager from Alaska
  • "Thank you for your mentorship," - 2017 Lodge Services from Georgia 
  • "It was wonderful working for you two!  Thank you for everything that you did to make it a comfortable and great season!" - 2016 Housekeeper from Wyoming 
  • "Thank you for giving me the opportunity to live and work in Denali!"- 2016 On-site Manager from California
  • "Thank you so much for everything this summer, it really was an amazing experience."- 2015 Guest Services from Utah

Ideal Candidate

Let's be honest, Alaska is an outdoorsy paradise. If you don't appreciate the outdoors you will grow tired of Denali quickly. If you enjoy living in a wilderness location and working for a smaller locally owned business then apply to join our team. Our past successful staff were adventurous at heart taking advantage of the all the great activities in the area and were comfortable having time to themselves or took initiative to mingle with staff from other local businesses. There are plenty of opportunities for hiking, backpacking, flight seeing, white water rafting, biking, and many more outdoor activities. To take full advantage we highly recommend you have a vehicle or feel comfortable hitchhiking. 

Cheers to those of you who plan to bring your highly motivated and professional self because that is exactly what we need. If your a drama llama you won't last long. Peeps with strong communication and multitasking skills who appreciate interacting with people from all over the world with many different values and experiences will thrive. We are an older location so some TLC is necessary from time to time so make sure you can comfortably lift 20 pounds and navigate rocky soil. Sorry folks but no weather or animal related closures here. Be prepared to work regardless of weather and understand Alaska is home to a vast array of wildlife, albeit, the majority of encounters will be with mosquitoes, moose, and the occasional shrew or squirrel. Come on apply you know you want too! 

Room and Board

Well we don't expect you to pitch a tent in the woods where you would just come into work all grumpy from you sleeping on that rock all night. Let us put you up in one of our housing options for employees. Managers do more work and have to be available more frequently for those late night emergencies so housing is free and attached to the office. If you are the lucky new manager you win a small room with a full-size bed, small kitchen, heat and running water and easy access to the half bath in the office. We can also provide space for your own RV if you prefer. 

Don't fret we didn't forget about the rest of you. You can opt for one of our small (think dorm room size) heated cabins featuring a twin size bed, electric burner, small fridge, and dresser and/or shelves. Guest what? You don't have to smell anything other than yourself because each staff can have their own cabin. Yep, we are that cool. There has to be an incentive for you to not burn the place down and to stick out our short summer season. You will see $200.00 per month deducted from your pay but 50% is refundable if you complete your summer season. It is that simple! Well, except the fact you have to cook for yourself but we know you have it in you to learn to move beyond just ramen noodles. If you are a horrible cook or simply do not wish to save money, there are a few restaurants you can walk too from our location. 

No need to pack up your house, employee housing is equipped with linens for the bed, towels, pots, pans, a water jug and cutlery. The small cabins do not feature running water. Eeek! Oh please, it is just fine and still easier than playing Oregon Trail. Walk the short distance to the bathroom facilities and we will even through in a laundry room and dishwashing station for you to use.  

Employee Perks

We offer a competitive wage with an end of season bonus. Employees also get to keep any tips earned. Many local activity outfitters offer discounts for our team members and may even comp activities at the start of the season. Come on you know you want to get out an explore! 

It is time to dust off those books and portable DVD players for your employee housing. Otherwise, you can catch up on all the world happenings by connecting to the WIFI at the office and group hangout areas. It may shock you but the area does not get those old fashioned TV signals. Many of our past staff brought movies, laptops/tablets, an e-reader or books. Forgot to reknew your childhood library card? No worries as we have a small book exchange for both staff and guests. If you are hankering for entertainment walk over to one of the 3 other Carlo businesses to socialize and enjoy some good food and listen to the occasional band. 

It is official that I am one of those who can tell you stories of when I was kid we had to drive over 2 hours to reach the closest grocery. Lucky for you someone felt pitty for the small community of Healy and opened up a Three Bears Department Store 24 miles north our location that features groceries, health and beauty aids, and sporting goods. We are still on the highway system so no need to freak out your loved ones with images of dogs teams fighting the wilds to reach you to provide medical care. Healy has a small medical clinic and there is an urgent care outside of the park entrance. 

Shipping is a tricky area as we don't have a mailbox at the lodge. It is still the last frontier. You are welcome to have packages delivered to our PO Box and pick them up at the Denali Post Office. Amazon prime does deliver to Alaska and USPS priority mail is quite economical. 

Getting Here and Getting Around

Traditional street addresses are not common in rural areas of Alaska. When you leave the urban areas expect people to describe landscapes or give you a mile marker. Fortunately, for us we are easy to find being so close to the National Park. We are located 13 miles south of the entrance to Denali National Park, 24 miles south of Healy and 13 miles north of Cantwell. Should you want to venture into Fairbanks or Anchorage buses are available as well as the Alaska Railroad train option (more spendy) if you don't have your own wheels. The closest bus pick up/drop off location is 5-6 miles north of our location. There are bikes on the property for staff use if you wish to bike to the park. Let me tell you - 13 miles will make you sweat in places you didn't think you could if you don't bike ride regularly. I am not a bike connoisseur so what we have is what you get.  We do not provide a shuttle service nor vehicles for staff use. 

Transportation is the one kicker in the area as the local "shuttle" service can be hit or miss depending on who is currently operating it. Make the amazing drive up to Alaska to have your own vehicle or try out hitchhiking or a rideshare option. Can you imagine the journal entries you will be able to write this summer? 

Want to still join our team? Good for you! Love that spirit! If you arrive by air then you can take the Denali Park Connection Express Bus to the Denali Cabins drop-off. Denali Cabins is only 5 miles north of our location where we will be waiting to greet you and drive your jet lagged self to the lodge. Please plan to arrive in Denali on June 2, 2020 and to depart either the evening of September 5th or the morning of September 6th.  

For Fun

I can't define fun for you or maybe I can ...Observe wildlife, view the landscape, and let the adventurer in you come alive! Your inner child will be screaming for more after you take full advantage of these activities offered in the Denali area. 

  • ATV Tours
  • Flightseeing
  • Whitewater or scenic raft tours
  • Canoeing and Kayaking
  • Attending a local lecture or educational session 
  • Go to one of the many bluegrass festivals or concerts
  • Backcountry hike in the park
  • Hike the vast amount of trails  

We suggest visiting Denali National Park's website to learn about all the park activities.

How to Apply

No calls- my Alaska time zone is usually not the same as yours and working full time outside of the lodge keeps me busy. Instead, fire up your device and send an email to To get a response you need to provide me your resume and why you are attracted to the job. Not too much to ask, is it? I did not think so and look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Denali's Carlo Creek Lodge