Camphill Association of North America

Farming in Camphill Village Minnesota
Diving into the arts in Cascadia (Canada)
Building compost in Camphill California
Harvesting in the garden in Trifrom Camphill Community (NY)
Embracing winter in Heartbeet (VT)
Woodworking in Camphill Copake (NY)
Caring for the farm animals in Heartbeet (VT)
Pottery in Triform (NY)
Candle making in Camphill Village Copake (NY)
Chopping wood in Heartbeet (VT)
Feeding the chickens in Plowshare (NH)
Bringing beauty to our gardens in Camphill California
Therapeutic riding at Camphill School
Weaving in Camphill California
Nature hikes with the Camphill School (PA)
Urban gardening in Cascadia (BC,Canada)
Haying at Glenora Farm (BC, Canada)
Classroom learning in The Camphill School (PA)
Baking bread for the community in Kimberton (PA)
Harvesting carrot tops in Camphill Village Copake (NY)
Camphill meals are always made with love!
Preserving the harvest in Camphill Minnesota
Milking cows in Camphill Village Copake (NY)
Halloween at Camphill School (PA)
Festivities in Camphill Village Copake (NY)

Spend a year developing yourself — discover your deeper purpose, learn to lead by putting others first, and share your passions in a sustainable community!

Community life, arts, cultivating our bountiful land and each other - this is Camphill. Our network of 16 communities and special education schools are designed to holistically meet the needs of children, youth and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Camphill creates inclusive communities where all can see their unique gifts and capacities recognized and developed.

New York, Pennsylvania, California, Vermont, New Hampshire, Minnesota, British Columbia

About Camphill Association of North America

Camphill is dedicated to creating communities where the recognition of each individual’s gifts and contributions offer a model of renewal for the wider society. 

Camphill staff, called coworkers, live and work alongside people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (like autism and Down syndrome) in one of sixteen rural and urban Camphill communities and schools in North America. Coworkers come from diverse backgrounds around the globe to share in this unique experience.

The Employee Experience

In your time with Camphill, you’ll grow faster than you imagined possible, build deep, lasting relationships, and develop practical, creative, and leadership skills that open doors for the rest of your life.

During the day, you'll support activities like biodynamic agriculture and forestry; cooking and baking; artisan crafts (woodworking, weaving, bookbinding, ceramics, etc.); drama and music; classroom education; sports; and other activities. Through a mix of structured training and hands-on practice under the guidance of mentors, you’ll begin to master new skills; before you know it, you'll not only be comfortable with them, you'll be leading others in learning. 

At home, you will quickly become part of a warm household community, sharing nourishing meals together and helping with the care, beauty, and running of the home. Coworkers help with the health and care needs of the people they live with, some of whom are very independent and others who require ongoing support.

We recruit locally and internationally, so a Camphill experience offers the opportunity to develop lifelong friendships with interesting people from many different countries, backgrounds, and abilities.

Ideal Candidate

Living in Camphill requires attentiveness, stamina, and an openness to learn. Community life offers profound joys and real challenges; for this reason, emotional maturity and health are essential.

We seek enthusiastic, friendly people with a good sense of humor and a warm heart. You will need to be ready to provide more support than you yourself require - emotional maturity and health are essential.

Previous experience working with individuals with disabilities is helpful but not required - we provide plenty of training. You'll soon learn that the folks we support will, in fact, be some of your best teachers and sources of inspiration.

Conscientious self-starters, bring your creativity and compassion, roll up your sleeves, and dig in!

Room and Board

All live-in coworkers receive full, free room & board. You will have your own private room in one of our comfortable homes in the community. Healthy, delicious meals are also included - in many cases you will have a hand in growing, harvesting, and cooking this food yourself!

Employee Perks

We are often told that the biggest benefit of a Camphill experience is in the intangible - the lasting friendships, the deep connections, the opportunity to really get to know yourself and explore your potential. Because of the special group of people we work with and our holistic approach to that work, coworkers develop an exceptional ability to communicate across differences and learn to lead by putting others first. These intangibles are what attract so many folks to our communities each year.

Farm fresh food and the ability to learn many new practical skills are also popular perks. 

As for the fully tangible, on top of free room and board, we provide a monthly stipend, health insurance, support for student debt, access to a car and reimbursement for other basic essentials like toiletries, etc.

Getting Here and Getting Around

We do not recommend bringing a personal vehicle; in most cases the community has vehicles you can use for errands or exploring on your days off. Initial travel to and from the community is your own financial responsibility, pick up at the local airport or train station is almost always provided. Most of our communities are in semi-rural areas where public transportation is not available.

Your housing is right in the community where you work. Bikes are a great way to get around both the community and the local area, so we encourage you to bring yours if you have one.

For Fun

Many of our communities are located in beautiful semi-rural areas, perfect for nature lovers. Hiking, swimming, and canoeing are common activities. Some regions also offer great winter sports. There are culture-rich small cities and towns quite nearby.  And if sightseeing and other urban adventures are more your speed, each of the communities are within a 2 hour drive to a major city (New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Vancouver, Victoria, Montreal, etc).

How to Apply

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