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  • ​​Male Cabin Counselors
  • Female Cabin Counselors
  • Softball Instructor
  • Lacrosse Coach
  • Hiking Leaders/Backpacking Trip Leaders = 21+
  • Biking Trip Leaders = 21+
  • Office Staff = 21+
  • Cooking Instructors
  • Camp Photographers
  • Programming Assistant 
  • Operations Director
  • Waterski/Wake sports Instructor
  • Softball/Lacrosse Coaches

    Camp Walt Whitman

    Our Athletics staff are leading classes and activities to our campers and staff. As a member of our Athletics team, you'll be able to play and coach the sport you love while making an impact and creating mentorship moments with our kiddos. 

    In addition, our Athletic Director takes pride in setting up our staff to be the most successful coaches. She takes time to teach and role model good coach techniques and habits. 

  • Waterfont Staff

    Camp Walt Whitman

    Do you love the water and can't think of a better summer than spending it overlooking a beautiful lake? We're looking for waterfront staff to keep our kiddos safe in the water as well as teaching swimming lessons. As a member of the waterfront team, you'd have on-site lifeguard training, ongoing training throughout the summer, and a Waterfront Director who wants to help you be successful at camp. Our waterfront consists of: 

    • Swimming Pool
    • Beached Lake Front
    • Cribs 1, 2, 3
    • Water Trampoline
    • Stand Up Paddle Boards
    • Sailing
    • Kayaks
    • A Pontoon Boat

    Everyone dreams of a summer in the sun and on the lake, why not make it a reality? 

  • Biking Program Director


    Our biking program at CWW is incredible! We're able to take our 14 & 15-year-old campers on 4–5-day trips to either Burlington, VT or the Seacoast of Maine. We're looking for an experienced trip leader who loves to teach teens and young adults about pushing their limits, gaining confidence on a bike, and create a fun and safe environment to enjoy unforgettable trips!

    Qualities for this position: 

    • Knowledge of safe biking habits and bike maintenance. 
    • Experience leading trips in a camping/biking/hiking setting.
    • Comfortable managing other staff members on the biking team.
  • Cooking Instructor/Specialist

    Camp Walt Whitman

    As a member of our cooking team at camp - you'd be teaching our campers how to be safe, creative, and have fun in the kitchen. You'd be leading classes with our campers daily to show them that cooking, baking and whipping stuff up in the kitchen is awesome. 

  • Waterski/Wake Sports Instructor

    Wake Sports
    Camp Walt Whitman

    Have experience Waterskiing, Wakeboarding, and knee boarding? Do you love being on the water and want to spend your summer on a beautiful lake in New Hampshire? Well, this is the place for you! Our Wake Sports team is on the water teaching our kids how to get up on skis and boards while being towed by our ski boats. 

  • Outdoor Adventure: Hiking & Camping Specialist

    Camp Walt Whitman

    At CWW we have one of the most extensive Outdoor Adventure Programs of Camps in the Northeast. We know and value the challenges that outdoor adventure can give to our campers, and we LOVE IT! From hiking to backpacking trips in the White Mountains. To Rock climbing and our aerial adventure course. Bike Trips to Overnights we have it all. As a member of the Campcraft team, you'd be Wilderness First Aid Certified at camp, go through an outdoor leadership training with our Director of Campcraft, and gain SO many hands-on experiences! We know the value of working at camp to grow and develop yourself while sharing your passion for the outdoors with kids and we'd love to have adventurers who are ready to lead exciting moments join us. 

    What our Campcraft Positions are: 

    • Hiking Leaders (21+): You could be leading day hikes - upwards of hiking 6 days a week and racking up a lot of mileage throughout the summer in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire. 
    • Backpacking Leaders (21+): You'd be responsible of ensuring that the trip with our campers is awesome! It's awesome when everyone is safe, prepared, and aware of what's happening. You'll be able to lead 3–5-day trips with small groups of campers. 
    • Ropes Instructors: Our ropes team works on our zipline, climbing wall, high ropes, low ropes, and our ariel course. You'd teach kids how to properly belay, the correct way to use equipment, and how to conquer their fears. 
    • Bike Trip Leader: We have a really cool program that is allows our oldest kids to take day trips out of camp, as well as 4–5-day bike trips to the coast of Maine or to Burlington, VT. As a biking leader you'd be ensuring the kids are safe on the roads, escorting them to their daily destinations - so you'd be riding too, which is cool, and helping teach basic bike mechanics and road safety. 
  • Lifeguards

    Camp Walt Whitman

    As a member of our Waterfront team, you'd be keeping the kiddos safe in the water while teaching them strokes and proper water behavior. 

    What's better than spending your time on a beautiful lake in New Hampshire? 

  • Bike Trip Leader

    Camp Walt Whitman

    Our oldest kids at camp have the opportunity to go on 4-5 day biking trips to either Maine or Vermont. As a member of the biking team, you'd be leading these trips of 10-12 kids. You'll be riding along the routes, keeping the kids safe and engaged during their rides. 

  • Camp Craft Quarter Master

    Camp Walt Whitman

    The Quarter Master position is a unique opportunity to help facilitate outdoor adventure for all of camp! You're ensuring that everything needed for any hikes, backpacking trips, biking trips, or overnights have everything that's needed to have a killer trip. You're a logistics and organizational magician. With this position being a member of our Camp Craft team, you'd be able to jump on hikes and help on the ropes course throughout the summer as well. If you love the outdoors and want to help make incredible trips possible for every kiddo at camp, this is the position for you. 

  • Office Staff

    Camp Walt Whitman

    Our office is the heart of camp and we need great people helping it run. If you're looking for a new place to be in the summer but you're also not the biggest "nature" person, look no future. The office position is a great balance of getting parents of campers in tough with their kids, helping campers jump on phone calls, keeping camp organized, and being the place that has all the answers all the time. 

    As a member of the office team, you'd be able to be a member of a small team making the office operate while also still making those cool, camp connections with kids and staff. You'll be living in a cabin with 10-12 kiddos and 2 other staff members. Plus, all the staff come in and out of the office all day, wanting to talk to you, so really the office is the central point at camp where everyone should want to be. 

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