Camp Vega

One of the Best Residential Girls Camps in the Country

“I love my kids more than anything in the world. I know that Camp Vega is a place where my kids get love and nurturing from the most kind, caring staff, which is the best feeling ever" - Lori, Camp Mom

Fayette, Maine

About Camp Vega

Nestled amidst the pines on beautiful Echo Lake in Maine, Camp Vega has been enriching the lives of girls and young women since 1936.  Vega’s 320 acres of prime, forested land, a mile and a half of shoreline, and miles biking and horseback riding trails have been the summer home to generations of girls from all over the world.    The spirited, positive community is evident in every area of camp and felt by every visitor that passes through its gate.   There are a wide variety of coaching and counselor positions, from fine arts, to performing arts, to sports, to waterski jumping, but the most important part of camp is the people and our goal is for everyone to have the best experience possible.

The Employee Experience

Working at Camp Vega is an adventure of epic proportions!  It is a fun, challenging and extraordinary experience as a member of the Vega Team. 

Room and Board

All living expenses at Camp Vega are paid for, including laundry.  All camper cabins have sinks and toilets, ceiling fans and vents, and, yes, we do have electricity.  Some showers houses are in central locations while others are in the cabins.

From lobster to steak to vegetarians, we more than accomodate all dietary wants and needs.


Employee Perks

Becoming a staff member at Vega is the extraordinary experience and the team you become a part of - words cannot describe this!

In addition to salary, camp provides:

  • Transportation to town
  • Internet
  • Laundry
  • T shirts
  • Shorts
  • Hoodies
  • Additional camp gifts

Read more about our dates and compensation.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Staff members can get to camp just about anyway possible!  Driving and flying tend to be the most popular though.  If you fly, you should plan on flying into Portland airport in Maine or Logan Airport in Boston, and we will pick you up in Portland.  If you drive, there is plenty of parking.

For Fun

Staff are more than welcome to take advantage of all of our activities!  We also have a gym for working out and staff also like to run in their spare time during the day.  We have a plethora of special activities from the counselor hunt to parties and more.

 On nights out and days off, if staff decide to go out of camp they tend to go:
  • into Augusta (movies, nightlife, etc)
  • whitewater rafting
  • to Portland, Freeport or Boston for the night and day off
  • exploring Maine (mountains, beaches)
  • wherever they want (within reason)!

How to Apply

If you would like to apply for a summer job at Camp Vega, please fill out the online application (  After completing the application, you will receive more information and details about working at camp. After we have a chance to review your information we will reach out to set up an interview.

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