Camp Trucking

Sunset as seen from our 2021 warehouse
An employee picking up a duffel at a customer's home
Several employees enjoying an impromptu parking-lot cookout
A glimpse inside of the warehouse
Camp Truckers enjoying some down time before making a camp delivery

From home to camp and back!

Since 1974 Camp Trucking has been the premier baggage carrier for multiple summer camps across the Northeastern US. Based in PA, we employ college students to ensure that campers essentials make it "from home to camp and back." Our employees come from all over the country and have a wide variety of backgrounds. We offer short sessions, great pay, cash tips, daily travel, and paid training.

You may wake up one day on the outskirts of NYC and be heading to beautiful upstate Maine the next morning. We service areas including: PA, NY, NJ, MD, MA, CT, NH, VT, ME

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Delivery Driver

Camp Trucking

Mountain Top, Pennsylvania

Get paid to travel and meet new people from all over as a Summer Camp Luggage Delivery Driver!