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All staff contracts are for the entire summer season (June 9-August 14, 2019, unless otherwise noted on our website), and applicants must be prepared to commit themselves for the full 9.5 weeks. All employees must be at least 18 years old as of June 16, 2019 with a High School diploma. Additional education or age requirements apply to specific positions. An Equal Opportunity Employer, Camp Tawonga provides equal opportunities without regard to race, color, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or veteran status.

All positions working directly with children require First Aid and CPR certification.

  • Counselor

    Groveland, California

    Counselors care for and live with children as role models ensuring the physical and emotional well being of their campers. As facilitators of the camper experience, counselors strive to raise self-esteem and foster the bunk group dynamic by actively participating in all camp activities offered by specialists, including: ropes course, backpacking, arts and crafts, Jewish programs, and more, as well as creating programs of their own. Excellent communication skills, childcare experience, and love of outdoors are essential. Counselors work most sessions as a Bunk Counselor (with a co-counselor in a 12 camper cabin) but may also spend one or more sessions as a Unit Counselor supporting multiple bunks. LGT and WFA certifications are encouraged.

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  • Driver

    Groveland, California

    Drive 8-passenger SUVs, often towing a trailer, on mountain roads and highways, maintaining safety as highest priority. Run camp errands including shopping. Transport campers, staff and/or luggage to and from Bay Area at the beginning and end of each session. Must be 21 years old and have an excellent driving record.

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  • Lead Cook

    Groveland, California
    1. Responsible for every aspect of the assigned meal(s) during their shift.
    2. Plan, cook and implement healthy, well-rounded meals for 300-400 people.
    3. Maintain a master list including all tasks to be completed for the upcoming meal and post it throughout prep time.  Items should be checked off as they are completed.
    4. Orchestrate prep cooks during entire shift through clean-up.
    5. Serve and clear meals.
    6. Responsible for cleaning the cook’s table and the cook’s line after each meal.
    7. Prepare items for the following meal that are time sensitive.
    8. Do final check at the end of each shift before excusing the prep cooks to be sure that all cleaning tasks are done and the kitchen is ready for use for the next shift.
    9. Give input to Kitchen Manager for weekly menu.
    10. Alternate with other lead cooks in putting out and cleaning late night staff snack 2 nights/week and Friday night with all Kitchen Supervisors.
    11. Have regular check-ins with Kitchen Manager to ensure the smooth running of the kitchen.
    12. Attend weekly all-staff meetings at 10:15pm every Wednesday.
    13. Attend and Co-run weekly kitchen supervisor meetings.
    14. Attend and participate in running weekly kitchen meetings.
    15. Support prep cooks and write evaluations of prep cooks two times/summer.
    16. Will be evaluated and evaluate supervisor, in writing, twice during the summer.
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  • Maintenance Staff

    Groveland, California

    Responsible for all grounds-keeping, janitorial, and housekeeping needs. Work 70% outdoors, 30% indoors. Physical work, fun crew! 

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  • Nanny

    Groveland, California

    Counselor on special assignment. Provide care for children of staff at camp. Must be responsible, warm, loving, creative, and flexible. Experience with children preferred.

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  • Prep Cook

    Groveland, California

    Responsible for meal prep, fast-paced food service, and kitchen cleanup. Must have experience with and like working around food. Work either morning shift, evening shift, late night shift as pantry assistant, alternative foods assistant, or laundry shift. Must work closely with others in an intense environment.

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  • Waterfront Staff

    Groveland, California

    Lifeguard at beautiful Olympic-sized pool, and small lake. Create and lead fun water games at the pool for campers. Hike with groups to river areas as safety monitor and lifeguard. Current lifeguard certification required. One Waterfront Director position available. Make schedules and supervise Waterfront program and staff. LGT certification required; experience teaching lessons and WSI preferred.

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  • Wilderness Leader

    Groveland, California

    All wilderness leaders must be at least 21 years old with current Lifeguard and Wilderness First Responder or WEMT certification (possible reimbursement for certification courses). Experience with children and prior backpacking experience essential; natural history, environmental education, challenge course facilitation, and Judaic knowledge helpful. Wilderness Staff rotate through one or more of the following programs throughout the summer:

    • Backpacking Trip Leader: Lead bunk groups of 12 campers and 2 counselors on one and two nightbackpacking trips in the Sierras. Drive vans, lead hikes, set up camp, cook dinner on a camping stove, supervise swimming in mountain lakes and streams, teach LNT ethics and lead nature programming. Keep the group safe and happy, helping them bond with each other and with Mother Nature.
    • Teen Adventure Quest Leader: Co-lead a group of teens on a multi-week van trip through California or the Pacific Northwest. Lead backpacking trip, drive vans, manage cooking and cleaning with teens, lead programming and group building, and interface with professional outfitters for rafting, kayaking, rock climbing and surfing.
    • Adventure Challenge Course Facilitator: Facilitate groups through low and high elements at our challenge course and climbing tower. Prior ropes course facilitation experience and rock climbing/belaying experience helpful.
    • Naturalist: Engage children in creative activities to foster nature appreciation and environmental education. Lead day hikes, river rock hops, fire building, orienteering, and storytelling, as well as garden-based programming in our organic garden. Implement traditional Tawonga programs and create new activities to engage campers about natural history, ecology, Jewish connections to nature, and Native American culture.
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  • Alternative Foods/Packout Cook

    Groveland, California
    1. This department supplies all food alternatives to the main dining hall meal. This includes; vegan and vegetarian options, and all allergen free foods.

    2. Responsible for all campers’ allergens: talking with parents, educating staff, and assuring the safety of alternative eaters at every meal.

    3. Lead meeting with staff during training with vegans, vegetarians and people with allergies. Create and maintain a list of all specific eating needs and educate about what will be provided and how the alternative foods system will function.

    4. Plan the vegan/allergen free menu, cook and serve the alternatives for breakfast, lunch    and dinner whenever the main camp dish is not vegan/allergen free.

    5. Train and supervise Assistant Alternative Foods Cooks.

    6. Carry out all responsibilities associated with Alternative Foods department (including those listed in the Assistant Job description).

    7. Provide a daily accurate table count for the kitchen on the main kitchen’s posted menu.

    8. Take regular inventory of Packout/specialty items and prepare bi-weekly food orders for the Kitchen Manager and Assistant Kitchen Manager.

    9. Give input to Kitchen Manager for weekly menu

    10. Have regular check-ins with Kitchen Managers to ensure the smooth running of the kitchen.

    11. Attend weekly kitchen supervisor meetings, and all kitchen meetings.

    12. Attend and participate in running weekly kitchen meetings.

    13. Attend weekly all-staff meetings.

    14. Will have many check-in meetings with Kitchen Managers.

    15. Support prep cooks; write evaluations of prep cooks three times/summer;

    16. Will be evaluated and evaluate supervisor, in writing, twice during the summer.

    17. May cover on lead cooks’ days off as needed. And lead late night snack shifts.


    This department supplies all food that will be served or made outside of the Dining Hall and/or main camp meals.  This includes packed food to be taken out of camp (e.g. for back packing trips), packed food to be eaten outside of the Dining Hall (e.g. unit bbq) and supplies for cooking activities.

    • Responsible for all food allergies and assures safety of those with every pack-out

    • Creates and posts weekly pack-out schedule

    • Trains and oversees rotating prep cook assistants

    • Tracks and posts all pack-out orders in the pack-out room

    • Approves pack-outs and gets back to staff quickly

    • Maintains a positive work environment

    • Creates positive relationships with wilderness team and staff picking up pack-outs

    • Give input to Kitchen Manager for weekly menu

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  • Challenge Course Facilitator

    Groveland, California

    Lead cabin groups through low and high elements on our Adventure Challenge Course to build self-esteem and teamwork. Training provided. Teach belaying and maintain a physically and emotionally safe environment. Excellent leadership and facilitation skills required; prior ropes course facilitation experience preferred, and rock climbing or belaying experience useful.

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  • Pantry Assistant

    Groveland, California

    Work directly with the Pantry Cook to make all desserts for camp. Support Assistant Kitchen Manager in putting away orders and maintaining the general cleanliness and upkeep of the main kitchen areas (including all food storage). Responsible for completing camper and kitchen laundry in a timely, organized, and efficient manner.

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  • Pantry Cook

    Groveland, California

    The Pantry Cook is responsible for all aspects of the pantry, reach-in, walk-in units, freezer and pot storage or middle room, including keeping these areas clean and organized at all times. Responsible for inventorying all kitchen items 1-2 times/week. Oversees that deliveries are put away upon delivery and that stock is rotated. Supervises prep cooks.  Must be organized, positive and detailed. Works with the baker to make desserts for lunch and dinner.

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  • Medical Assistant

    Groveland, California

    Assist RN in running the Health Center and providing T.L.C. to campers and staff. Must be WFR, EMT, CNA, or senior in an RN program. Possible certification reimbursement available.

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How to Apply

To apply, fill out our online application at Then, call our office to schedule an interview. 

To be considered in our first round of hiring decisions, you must submit your online application, references, and have an interview by January 19, 2019. After that, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis for any remaining open positions.. Please contact Associate Director Aaron Mandel at or 415.543.2267 with any questions. 

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