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All staff contracts are for the entire summer season (June 3 - August 6, 2021, unless otherwise noted on our website), and applicants must be prepared to commit themselves for the full 9.5 weeks. 

All employees must be at least 18 years old as of June 3, 2021 with a High School diploma. Additional education or age requirements apply to specific positions.

An Equal Opportunity Employer, Camp Tawonga provides equal opportunities without regard to race, color, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or veteran status.

All positions working directly with children require First Aid and CPR certification.

  • Counselor


    Counselors care for and live with children as role models ensuring the physical and emotional well being of their campers. As facilitators of the camper experience, counselors strive to raise self-esteem and foster the bunk group dynamic by actively participating in all camp activities offered by specialists, including: ropes course, backpacking, arts and crafts, Jewish programs, and more, as well as creating programs of their own. Excellent communication skills, childcare experience, and love of outdoors are essential. Counselors work most sessions as a Bunk Counselor (with a co-counselor in a 12 camper cabin) but may also spend one or more sessions as a Unit Counselor supporting multiple bunks. LGT and WFA certifications are encouraged.

  • Driver


    Drive 8-passenger SUVs, often towing a trailer, on mountain roads and highways, maintaining safety as highest priority. Run camp errands including shopping. Transport campers, staff and/or luggage to and from Bay Area at the beginning and end of each session. Must be 21 years old and have an excellent driving record.

  • Lead Cook

    $3,900.00 / season

    Job Responsibilities

    • Team Work and Leadership

    • Leading a shift with 3-5 people including tone setting, time management, assigning tasks to prep cooks, providing supervision and coaching to prep cooks, and working alongside them to execute meal preparation, service and clean-up.

    • Having a good attitude, it spreads to others.

    • Sharing the desirable and less desirable work.

    • Friendly and constant communication with your team and other Kitchen Supervisors and Cooks on shift.

    • Initiative and Responsibility

    • Being on time and prepared, being on time means ready to go with prep list written and organized before Prep Cooks arrive for shift.

    • Always doing your best, taking pride in a job well done, asking for clarification if you don’t understand what is expected or how to do it safely/correctly.

    • Paying careful attention to allergens and communicating this information to the dining hall lead before meals begin.

    • Physical Work

    • You will be on your feet for 8 or more hours in a hot kitchen.

    • You must be able to lift up to 50 lbs. at a time.

    • You are removed from the campers. Find ways of making your work fit into the mission in a supporting role.

    • Member of Kitchen Supervisor Team

    • Act as a role model for staff at all times, upholding the values of Camp and the Tawonga Kitchen.

    • Have regular check-ins with Kitchen Manager to ensure the smooth running of the kitchen; give input for weekly menu.

    • Attend weekly all-staff meetings at 10:15p every Wednesday.  Attend and co-run weekly kitchen supervisor meetings at 8:45p every Monday.  Attend and participate in running weekly kitchen staff meetings at 1:45p every Tuesday.

    • Train and support prep cooks and write evaluations of prep cooks two times over the summer.

    Day in the Life

    • Each Lead Cook is scheduled daily on one of three shifts

      • AM Shift: begins between 5:00a and 6:00a (sometimes earlier, depending on menu). Responsible for preparing, serving, and clearing Breakfast and Lunch 

      • PM Shift: begins at 1:45p.  Responsible for preparing, serving, and clearing Dinner

      • Late Shift: begins at 3:45p.  Responsible for preparing, serving, and clearing Late Night Snack and Breakfast prep 

    • Facilitate all meal preparation, cooking, serving, clearing, and cleaning by executing some tasks and delegating others to Prep Cooks throughout the entire shift.  Additionally, if there is extra time, prepare items for the following meal.

    • For AM Shift: Oversee that all surfaces are cleared and bleached, floors swept, trash emptied, trash cans relined, entire Dish Room cleaned, Dining Hall service counter wiped down, and Coffee Bar cleared, organized, and restocked.

    • For PM Shift: Same as AM plus floors mopped and plates, bowls, cups, and dish racks put back in their place in the kitchen.

    • For Late Shift: Oversee that all surfaces are cleared and bleached, floors spot swept, entire Dish Room cleaned, Dining Hall service counter wiped down, and Coffee Bar cleared, organized, restocked, and shut down for the night.

    Lead Cooks are listed 6 days/week on the kitchen schedule. You must be ready to work at the listed start time of each shift. It is your responsibility to know your schedule and show up for work on time, well rested, fed, and ready to work.

  • Maintenance Staff


    Responsible for all grounds-keeping, janitorial, and housekeeping needs. Work 70% outdoors, 30% indoors. Physical work, fun crew! 

  • Nanny


    Each summer a few staff are hired to care for the children of senior camp staff. These children range in age from infants to teenagers. Rather than being in charge of 12 campers at a time as bunk counselors are, nannies are typically responsible for one to three children at a time, occasionally more. As a nanny, your job is to provide loving care and create an engaging camp program for the children in your care. Collaborate with specialists, the rest of the nanny team, and other camp staff to offer fun and creative age-appropriate programs that fulfill the Camp mission. You may be responsible for the same children all summer or for different children from week to week. Live in a cabin with other staff, not in a camper cabin. Patience, creativity, flexibility and strong communication skills are helpful. If you enjoy working with children 1:1 or in small groups, enjoy developing creative programs, and/or if you enjoy working with younger children, this could be a great job for you!

    Job Description

    • Parent 

      • As a parent you must be aware of physical and emotional well-being at all times.  Communicate with parents about specific needs.

      • Emotional needs: Making sure that the children are feeling good about themselves and their relationships at camp

      • Physical needs: Ensure children have everything they need to stay healthy at camp.

      • Being a “parent” during your working hours means giving kids plenty of TLC and forming relationships with the children, parents, fellow nannies.

    • Cheerleader 

      • Be excited and positive about the day’s schedule regardless of what your personal feelings are.

      • Positivity, energy, enthusiasm, creativity, and excitement! Make it fun!

    • Drill Sergeant 

      • Make sure that the campers are on time and prepared for each activity (especially when there is a specialist leading the activity).

      • Use different tone and energy for different activities such as a sports block versus a meditation block.

      • Manage children’s behavior, enforces rules and hand out appropriate consequences as needed.  Communicate with families about behavioral supports and styles that they prefer.

    Day in the Life of a Nanny

    7:00 AM – Wake up and get ready for breakfast (support families if early care is needed)

    8:00 AM – Breakfast: ensure all children are eating and engaged, help families get food, support clean up of children and families

    9:30 AM – Activities: Plan to lead about half of the activities yourself, and to assist and support the children in the activities that are led by other specialists. Adapt activities to be age-appropriate for the children in your care.

    12:30 PM – Lunch: Make sure the children are eating and drinking, serve food and talk to kids, help with getting food and clean-up.

    1:30 PM – Rest Hour: This is time for resting, napping, reading, swimming..etc depending on family schedules

    2:30 PM – Activities (see description above)

    3:45 PM – Snack

    4:00 PM – Activities (see description above)

    6:00 PM – Dinner (followed by song session): Serve food, ensure all kids are eating, talk to kids, help with clean-up

    7:30 PM – Evening Activities: mellow activities, bed time

    10:00 PM – Night time support as needed for families

  • Prep Cook


    Responsible for meal prep, fast-paced food service, and kitchen cleanup. Must have experience with and like working around food. Work either morning shift, evening shift, late night shift as pantry assistant, alternative foods assistant, or laundry shift. Must work closely with others in an intense environment.

  • Wilderness Leader


    All wilderness leaders must be at least 21 years old with current Lifeguard and Wilderness First Responder or WEMT certification (possible reimbursement for certification courses). Experience with children and prior backpacking experience essential; natural history, environmental education, challenge course facilitation, and Judaic knowledge helpful. Wilderness Staff rotate through one or more of the following programs throughout the summer:

    • Backpacking Trip Leader: Lead bunk groups of 12 campers and 2 counselors on one and two nightbackpacking trips in the Sierras. Drive vans, lead hikes, set up camp, cook dinner on a camping stove, supervise swimming in mountain lakes and streams, teach LNT ethics and lead nature programming. Keep the group safe and happy, helping them bond with each other and with Mother Nature.
    • Teen Adventure Quest Leader: Co-lead a group of teens on a multi-week van trip through California or the Pacific Northwest. Lead backpacking trip, drive vans, manage cooking and cleaning with teens, lead programming and group building, and interface with professional outfitters for rafting, kayaking, rock climbing and surfing.
    • Adventure Challenge Course Facilitator: Facilitate groups through low and high elements at our challenge course and climbing tower. Prior ropes course facilitation experience and rock climbing/belaying experience helpful.
    • Naturalist: Engage children in creative activities to foster nature appreciation and environmental education. Lead day hikes, river rock hops, fire building, orienteering, and storytelling, as well as garden-based programming in our organic garden. Implement traditional Tawonga programs and create new activities to engage campers about natural history, ecology, Jewish connections to nature, and Native American culture.

How to Apply

To apply, fill out our online application by clicking the APPLY HERE button below - then, call our office to schedule an interview. 

To be considered in our first round of hiring decisions, you must submit your online application, references, and have an interview by January 29, 2021. After that, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis for any remaining open positions. 

Please contact Associate Director, Aaron Mandel, at or 415.543.2267 with any questions. 

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