Prep Cook
Camp Tawonga

Spend the summer working at our beautiful summer camp in the Sierra Mountains just outside Yosemite!

We are located in the Sierra Mountains just outside of Yosemite National Park


Prep Cook

Camp Tawonga
No experience required
Start Date:
Starts in about 2 months. (Jun 03, 2021)

Job Responsibilities

  • Team Work

    • Working on a shift with 3-5 people.
    • Having a good attitude, it spreads to others.
    • Sharing the desirable and less desirable work.
    • Friendly and constant communication with your team.
  • Initiative and Responsibility

    • Being on time and prepared, being on time means ready to go - hands washed, apron on, ready for a task!
    • When one task is done asking for the next, take initiative!
    • Always doing your best, taking pride in a job well done, asking for clarification if you don’t understand what is expected or how to do it safely/correctly.
  • Physical Work

    • You will be on your feet for 8 hours in a hot kitchen.
    • You must be able to lift up to 50 lbs. at a time.
    • You are removed from the campers. Find ways of making your work fit into the mission in a supporting role.

Day in the Life

  • 3 shifts: shifts rotate daily so it is always different

    • AM Shift: begins at 6:30a.  Responsible for preparing, serving, and clearing Breakfast and Lunch

    • PM Shift: begins at 2:00p.  Responsible for preparing, serving, and clearing Dinner

    • Late Shift: begins at 4:00p.  Responsible for preparing, serving, and clearing Late night snack and contributing to Breakfast prep

  • Jobs that will be assigned while on shift include but aren’t limited to:

    • Preparing the meal

      • Chopping veggies

      • Making salad dressing

      • Running dishes

      • And more!

    • While serving the meal 

      • In the front window giving kids food and refilling emptied items.

      • In back cleaning dishes.

    • Cleaning up meal 

      • Washing dishes

      • Cleaning kitchen

      • Putting leftovers away

Prep Cooks are listed 6 days/week on the kitchen schedule. You must be ready to work at the listed start time of each shift. It is your responsibility to know your schedule and show up for work on time, well rested, fed, and ready to work.

How to Apply

Please take some time to fill out our staff application via the link below. After you've submitted an application, please email to set up an interview! 

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