Camp Mechuwana

Sunset Summer Fun in neighboring town Monmouth, Maine!
Summer Staff 2023 with our Silly Little Hats & Tie Dye Staff Shirts!
Summer 2022 - Staff Camping & Hike Trip at Mt. Blue State Park
Summer Staff 2022 wearing our Hand Made Tie Dye Staff Shirts!
Summer 2022 - Trip to Smalls Falls with a quick dip into each Fall!

A Small Non-Profit Camp in Central Maine that serves the Local Community from various Socioeconomic Backgrounds.

Looking for enthusiastic individuals to join our traditional Summer Camp - Counselors and Lifeguards but also help make bagged meals for lower-income families in Central Maine, work at a community thrift store once a week, craft art projects like stained glass, and help with maintenance and garden projects! We're an active, diverse staff community looking to make the world a better place!

More than 200 acres of forest land in Central Maine; borders Lower Narrows Pond and Lake Annabessacook Nature Trails, Sports Fields, Boat/Swimming Area + Trips to Maine's Coast, Mountains, Forests

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