Executive Sous Chef
Camp Kippewa for Girls

Join us in Maine to help lead our dynamic kitchen team!

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Executive Sous Chef

Camp Kippewa for Girls
$1,000.00 / week
Previous experience required
Start Date:
Starts soon! (Jun 04, 2022)

Camp Kippewa is a residential summer camp in Monmouth, Maine, which operates from the end of May through the beginning of September.  We are looking for an experienced Sous Chef to help the Executive Chef lead our kitchen team this summer, providing leadership, support and guidance to ensure that food quality standards, inventory levels, food safety guidelines and customer expectations are met.


  1. Experience in quantity cooking and working in kitchens of similar size or larger
  2. Self-starter, capable of leading, directing, and supporting a team in a diverse environment with highly developed interpersonal, analytical and communication skills
  3. 5 years experience in quantity food production/service and personnel supervision is desired
  4. Professional culinary schooling and/or training
  5. Must be able to lift/carry a maximum of 50 pounds, push/pull a maximum of 50 pounds, stand, sit, bend and walk for extended periods of time
  6. Food handlers permit and sanitation certification (ServSafe) - Preferred but not mandatory


Responsible for supporting the kitchen operation, ensuring good sanitation procedures, and safe food for our camp community.  To ensure that three meals a day are provided family style to approximately 350 people.


  1. Ensure sanitation in the kitchen and the quality of the food being served.
  2. Ensure the kitchen is entirely peanut and tree nut free and that nothing with nuts or nut products enters the kitchen.  Nothing made on the same line with peanuts or tree nuts allowed in the kitchen.**Any exceptions to this standard must be discussed and approved by directors before ordering.
  3. Ensure that three meals per day for the community are prepared and served on time.
  4. Prepare and coordinate “special event” meals occasionally during the season. These include, but are not limited to, cook outs, breakfast by the lake, International night and parent visiting days.
  5. Assist with inventory and keep track of all stock items on a regular basis
  6. Check in all orders and ensure that food is stored properly
  7. Keep all equipment in the kitchen maintained and in good repair
  8. Set the tone in the kitchen for work ethic and the highest level of sanitation
  9. Ensure that kitchen recycles all recyclables
  10. Ensure that freezers, refrigerators and dishwasher are all at the appropriate temperature and chart per ACA standards
  11. Keep open and ongoing communication with staff.
  12. Work closely with the Executive Chef and maintain strong communication.
  13. Assist with serving and consolidating the food after meals.
  14. Be flexible and understand that camp schedule and food requirements may need to change due to events beyond the control of directors.

How to Apply

Apply on our website via the link below.

*** Resume and cover letter can be emailed to staff@kippewa.com ***

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