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Camp DeSoto is hiring Christian women to fill the roles of Program Staff, SERVE Staff and Camp Photographer. Come play, work, and live in Mentone, Alabama on Lookout Mountain! 

Employment dates for Program Staff members and Camp Photographer are June 2nd - August 2nd. 

Can't commit to a full summer, but you still want to experience Camp DeSoto? SERVE staff positions are available by term (June 2nd - July 5th or July 6th - August 2nd). 

  • Camp Photographer

    Photography / Digital Marketing

    Camp DeSoto in Mentone, AL is seeking a photographer for the 2022 summer season (June 2nd - August 2nd). The Camp Photographers stay busy trying to capture all the fun that is happening around Camp - at daily activity periods, night activities like kickball or an outdoor movie night, and all of the tiny magical moments in between. The Camp photographers are also responsible for editing their photographs and posting daily (except Sundays) to the Camp DeSoto website. These posts are accessed by parents as a peek into their camper's days.  

    We are looking to hire a candidate who can embrace the joy of Camp life, and immerse herself into the Camp DeSoto community. We hope for your summer as a Camp Photographer to be one of growth, both professionally and in relationships with other Christian women.  

    One-on-one training in both shooting and editing is provided by photographer Bryan Johnson of Birmingham, AL. This position is ideal for a college student or recent college graduate interested in pursuing a career in photography or looking to build on a current photography portfolio. 

  • Program Staff (Cabin Counselor)

    Camp Counselor
    $2,100.00 / season

    Being a Program Staff member at Camp DeSoto is all about building healthy relationships with campers and showing them Christ through unconditional acceptance and nurturing love. Program staff at Camp DeSoto fill three important roles during the summer: Cabin Counselor, Activity Counselor and Table Counselor. 

    As cabin counselors, Program Staff are responsible for the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being of their campers throughout the month. Most cabin counselors are paired with a co-counselor.

    Counselors are responsible for all aspects of cabin life from keeping the rules at Rest Hour to giving nightly cabin devotions. They are also expected to be counselors in the truest sense - helping girls manage their behavior and emotions, providing guidance in relationships, and offering a more mature perspective when it is needed.

    As an activity counselor, staff teach four 50-minute activity periods each day, with one free period. Because activity counselors teach activities to girls of all ages, campers get the chance to know and learn from several staff members, not just their cabin counselors. In the role of an activity counselor, Program Staff members get to cheer on campers as they grow their skills, succeed in competition, and experience failure with love and support. 

    As a table counselor, Program Staff oversee a table of 10 campers, along with one or two other counselors. This involves helping girls practice polite manners, making sure each camper gets enough to eat at every meal, being aware of any dietary concerns your campers may have, and facilitating good conversations among the girls at your table. Program Staff members dive into relationships with girls at their tables and enjoy fellowship with campers who do not live in their cabins. 

    The starting salary for this position is $2,100. Wage increases with each year of college completed, and for returning staff members. More practical information regarding employment dates, time off, and more can be found on our Basic Facts for Staff page

  • SERVE Staff

    Dining / Kitchen
    $2,250.00 / season

    SERVE Staff consists of 10-12 college girls each term who live together in a camp cabin and are led by the Head of SERVE Staff and the Food Service Director. We enjoy three family-style meals each day at Camp, and SERVE staff makes this possible by setting each table with individual place settings, delivering platters of hot food to each table and serving refills, cleaning up the Dining Hall after every meal, and helping pack and serve food for Special Events and Out of Camp Trips. SERVE Staff may also assist with teaching one activity period each day.

    While all Camp DeSoto staff members practice service, the SERVE staff get to live this out in the most disciplined and visual way. By watching SERVE Staff do the challenging and repetitive work of facilitating family-style meals in the Dining Hall, campers can see and connect with service in ways they are not as quick to recognize in their cabin counselors. SERVE Staff provide campers with a tangible example of the kind of selfless service, generosity, humility, and patience we hope that all campers will learn to embrace as they grow deeper in Christ.

    More practical information regarding employment (including salaries, time off, employment dates and more) may be found on our Basic Facts for Employment page

How to Apply

Interested in applying? We would love to talk with you! Apply online at the link provided, and we will be in touch with you within 48 hours of submitting your application to set up a virtual interview. 

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