Housekeeper / Server
Camp Denali

The reward for our dedicated work is the most sought after view in Denali National Park - the mountain, framed by the windows of many of our buildings.

Clean Cabins & Serve Meals in the Heart of Denali National Park!

Views of Denali and the Alaska Range!

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Housekeeper / Server

Camp Denali
$15.00 / hour + tips
No experience required
Start Date:
Starts immediately!

Camp Denali is a small, family-owned and operated wilderness lodge located in the heart of Denali National Park. For the coming season, we are looking for staff who are able to be in Alaska from May 23 through September 14, 2023 (we can be flexible, if that start date is too soon to arrive in Alaska). We currently operate as a fly-in lodge. Staff live onsite and free room and board are provided.

Camp Denali's mission is "to provide active learning experiences and foster stewardship of the natural world through a tradition of excellence, community and place."  


Our remote location and commitment to stewardship require us to be a resourceful team. More often than not, we bake it, sew it, build it, fix it, grow it, and recycle it. 

One of the main reasons staff are drawn to Camp Denali is for the intentional community aspect of the experience. We call the lodge home for four months of the year, and we live in shared cabins with other staff and use common spaces that are shared with guests. The season is marked by hard work, but it's collaborative and it brings us together and working towards a shared objective. The exceptional experience we offer guests is the first and most important thread we have in common each season, but we find time amidst the long workdays to play games, swim, watch movies, hike, make music, and so much more.

Working with Camp Denali is an opportunity to connect with coworkers of all ages and backgrounds. We fill-in for one another when we're sick, lend a hand to coworkers who are having a bad day, and share and teach our hobbies and talents, like carpentry, knitting, sewing, and dancing.

Our 30 staff members work 9-12 hours per day, five days a week to provide excellent service for our guests. Attention to the details of cleanliness and presentation are of paramount importance. 

In our section of Denali National Park, there are no restaurants, movie theaters, stores, or bars. There is no cell phone service, but we do have moderately reliable wifi in common spaces. 


Pay is $15.00 per hour / $22.50 per OT hour / $153.75 per 9.5-hour day. Room and professionally prepared meals are provided free for the summer. A travel stipend is paid upon completion of a full season. Gratuities are pooled and divided equally among all staff, amounting to approximately $500/person/month.

Each member of the housekeeping department will be given individual job assignments. Although specifics may vary, everyone should be prepared to support the following:

  • Clean all Camp Denali buildings, including guest cabins, outhouses and bathrooms, public buildings, and staff housing.
  • Laundry and fabric care (mending, spot removal, etc.).
  • Trash and recycling tasks.
  • Serve breakfast and dinner to guests.
  • Keep an eye out for housekeeping problems and communicate issues and proposed solutions to the Housekeeping Coordinator.
  • Work as fill-in for other housekeeping staff in case of illness or other emergencies.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities: A demonstrated ability to function successfully within a team, as well as bring individual attention to detail, thoroughness, and quick mastery of complex roles and responsibilities are essential. An artistic eye and good design sense are valuable assets in this role. The position requires good time management, a personal commitment to thorough job completion, solid verbal communication skills, and physical stamina. Intuitive guest awareness, a professional demeanor, and attentiveness to dietary concerns and cross-contamination concerns are a necessity for serving responsibilities. Serving or restaurant experience is beneficial, though not required. Sewing skills are a plus.

Other Requirements:

  • Bring a genuine desire to live and work in a remote, self-sufficient, small community setting.
  • Be up-to-date with COVID-19 vaccinations.
  • All staff are required to have a current Alaska Food Worker card (online, on-demand, valid for three years).

Working Conditions & Physical Demands: This position consists of a physically demanding 9.5- hour day of manual labor. It involves exposure to cleaning compounds (we strive to use as many environmentally friendly cleaning products as possible), daily foot and vehicle travel on uneven and sometimes steep terrain, indoor and outdoor walking of up to five miles each day, climbing ladders to access storage areas, lifting/carrying awkward loads up to 30 pounds, and repeated bending. Regular, professional communication with fellow staff both in person and via radio is an integral part of the job.

How to Apply

From Camp Denali's employment website, please complete the online application. You will be prompted to upload a cover letter and resume when applying--save your cover letter and resume as one PDF in order to upload them both. 

  • Cover Letter: We look forward to reading why you are interested in working at Camp Denali! What position(s) would you like to be considered for and how does working at Camp Denali align with your short and long-term goals? What are the dates of your 2023 availability? What skills and experiences make you a strong candidate? What would you bring to our small but vibrant community?

  • Resume: In addition to your work experience, we look forward to learning about your educational background and volunteerism. 

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