Camp Colley

An abundance of wildlife call the forest around Camp Colley home, especially elk!
After the sun goes down, the fun and learning continues!
Camp Colley is a great place to venture out and gain new perspectives.
Campers have a unique opportunity to build confidence as we encourage and support stepping outside of their comfort zones.
Outdoor cooking is one of our favorite activities. Fresh, nutritious, and delicious, our camp food can't be beat!
Archery is a fun, educational sport where campers gain new skills, knowledge, and confidence.
We utilize experiential outdoor education to teach STEM concepts and new skills!

Work remotely in nature to connect underserved Phoenix children to the outdoors!

Camp Colley is an adventure camp for underserved kids to discover nature- and themselves- at no cost. We serve children who participate at Phoenix community centers located in high-adversity neighborhoods and housing developments, giving them the chance to explore our pristine outdoor nature environment to build important social-emotional skills and experientially learn environmental education.

Located remotely at 7500ft in the Coconino National Forest in North-Central Arizona 2.5 hours north of Phoenix.

About Camp Colley

We're still hiring!

Are you interested in working with underserved children? Do you have a passion for youth education, access to nature, social services, outdoor recreation or related career paths? Are you looking for a rewarding, fun, active and outdoor job enriching the lives of others? Look no further!

Camp Colley has served over 4500 children since 2001 who are largely from low-income communities throughout the urban gridlock of Pheonix. In fact, many campers report having never spent the night outside the city. Add the sweltering Phoenix heat to the mix and the result is children stuck inside all summer long with little opportunity to enjoy their school break in a positive and meaningful way. 

We bring co-ed groups of up to 80 children from Phoenix 2.5 hours north to our remote and pristine camp property where temperatures are mild, nature is abundant, and positive adult role models help them to learn and grow critical skill sets necessary for their success. Activities ranging from horseback riding, canoeing, archery, low ropes, handicrafts, mountain biking, hiking, campfires and S'mores are integrated into each camper's experience by our incredible seasonal counselors and activity facilitators from all over the United States. 

2021 will be a huge year of growth, learning, and adventure for Camp Colley and our new seasonal camp team. We're looking for top-notch talent from individuals passionate about giving back to children to create lifelong impact. In return, your life will forever be changed through building a community of friends closely aligned to similar values of inclusivity, equal opportunity, and passion for making a difference.

The Employee Experience

Camp Colley is a rustic camp property that is totally surrounded by a pristine national forest. About 2 miles off the closest major road in Happy Jack, AZ, Camp Colley is off-the-grid thanks to a sophisticated solar panel energy system and well. Contrary to popular belief, summer in northern Arizona is comfortable ranging from the high 70's to the low 80's with night temperatures dipping into the '50s. Ponderosa Pine forests engulf Camp Colley with native species of plants and animals that call the area home including elk, deer, owls, eagles, mountain lions, bears and more. Summer at Camp Colley is FAR from the sweltering desert heart associated with Phoenix and is a short drive to Flagstaff, Payson and Prescott, Sedona, and the rest of beautiful Arizona. There is spotty to little cell service, and while camp is in session all staff and campers are strongly encouraged to disconnect from tech and tune into the beautiful nature surrounding our property. 

Throughout each 5-day camp session, 10 children and 2 counselors sleep in canvas platform tents that are remotely situated on our property to create a sense of true outdoor camping. One counselor from the group facilitates a specific activity for the week while the other leads campers throughout the various activities offered. Each counselor has opportunities to facilitate programming, spend meaningful time connecting with each camper, and build a safe community of support and inclusion amongst their 10 campers each week. 

While camp is not in session on weekends, seasonal staff have free range of the camp property and the surrounding wilderness to explore our state. With famous national parks (Grand Canyon!), popular destinations, and proximity to several Arizona cities, Camp Colley is a fantastic base for weekend trips and adventures. 

The 2021 Camp Colley season was scheduled to start on May 31st and commence on July 30th, with staff training beginning May 21st. 

The Assistant Director and 2 Head Counselors will be required to start on or around May 10th to assist with the preparation of training for all other staff. 

The entire staff will be required to stay for additional duties until we wrap up on August 1st. 

COVID-19 RESPONSE: We are committed to opening Camp Colley in 2021 and are following American Camp Association COVID-19 safety response practices to ensure a safe and impactful summer season for our campers and staff. We will continue to monitor and plan according to local, state, and national recommendations through the spring leading up to the start of our season. 

Ideal Candidate

Camp Colley staff are passionate, intentional, empathic, hard-working, fun, engaging, welcoming, inclusive, adventurous, eager, and exciting!

Camp Colley promotes equal access to nature programming for Phoenix kids who typically are left out of out-of-school programs that can be costly and out of reach. We strive to bridge opportunity gaps, help campers develop important skills for long-term success, and introduce them to nature for a life-long passion of spending meaningful time outdoors.

We meet every camper where they're at, believe all kids are all inherently good and support positive behavior and decision making through patience and understanding.

We want everyone at Camp Colley, staff and campers alike, to have a life-changing experience that creates a lifelong positive impact. 

Room and Board

Room and board are covered as part of the seasonal compensation package for each summer staff. 

Housing at Camp Colley is communal. During camp sessions, 2 counselors sleep in platform tents with 10 campers. Support staff (Head Counselors, Cook, Nurse, etc.) sleep in one of two designated staff housing quarters separated by gender (as defined by staff). When camp is not in session, all staff are welcomed to sleep in one of two designated staff housing quarters separated by gender (as defined by staff), but can and are encouraged to take a break away from camp property should they wish. *

There is one bathhouse with separate male/female accommodations for staff use. 

Food is provided throughout the season and is made fresh daily by our Camp Cook. Allergies and food preferences/restrictions will be accommodated as necessary for all campers and staff. 

Employee Perks

Working at Camp Colley is inherently rewarding for the ideal candidate. Getting hands-on experience working with children in a remote nature setting leads to skill development for staff that is translatable to nearly any profession including teaching, counseling, social work, outdoor recreation, and many more. 

Camp Colley is centrally located in Arizona and is an outdoor enthusiast's playground. The unique topography and biology of the Southwest creates incredible adventures to hike, mountain bike, go boating, rock climb, and much more. For the city explorer, Phoenix is a short 2.5 hour drive and as the 5th largest U.S. city boasts vibrant arts and cultural experiences, an incredible food scene, countless festivals and great shopping.

Getting Here and Getting Around

It is highly recommended that you bring your own vehicle to Camp Colley if possible. Because of the remote setting of camp, getting around the state can be extremely difficult without a vehicle. However, many staff choose to leave their vehicles behind for the summer and often rely on their new friends and colleagues to get around during the weekends. 

Camp Colley staff will meet the morning of May 21st down in Phoenix and will caravan to Happy Jack after completing the required training and employee paperwork. The central meeting place in Phoenix is easily accessed by vehicle or on public transportation from the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

For Fun

While camp is in session, staff essentially get to be a kid again! Facilitating or participating in countless outdoor activities every day keeps the energy high and adventure going for campers and staff alike. Horseback riding, canoeing, archery, hiking, mountain biking, handicrafts, environmental learning activities, campfires with songs and goofy skits and tent group campouts all fill busy schedules each session. 

Staff is encouraged to get out and explore on their weekend breaks which start Friday afternoon and conclude Sunday evenings. Lifelong friendships are forged at Camp Colley and will create a lasting impact on every staff. 

Whether you take a day trip to the energy vortexes and natural waterslides of Sedona, hike down the rim of the Grand Canyon, canoe the lakes and reservoirs throughout the national forest, eat delicious food and check out the local shops in Flagstaff, or go to a fun pool party in Scottsdale, weekends are meant to be reinvigorating, fun opportunities to connect and bond with your new friends and colleagues all summer long. 

How to Apply

Please complete our online application. 

After an initial screening of your applications to assess fit to our staffing needs, a telephone and/or Zoom interview will be coordinated. Up to two interviews may be requested to learn about you and your interests in joining our dynamic and fun team. 

Please note that we are only able to accept applicants from the U.S. at this time. All applicants must be age 18 or older and able to pass an extensive background check.

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