Wakesport Instructor/Counselor
Camp Cobbossee for Boys

Our Waterfront team on the Playscape!

Drive speedboats and teach wake sports all summer in Maine!

Amazing outdoor facilities on site and opportunities to explore Maine on days off with great friends

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Wakesport Instructor/Counselor

Camp Cobbossee for Boys
Monmouth, Maine
Some experience required
Start Date:
Starts in 6 months. (Jun 03, 2024)

Cobbossee is a 4-week, 2-session sleepaway summer camp in Maine. The dates for this position run from June 3rd to August 10th, 2024. (May 31st if requiring free Red Cross Lifeguard certification which we provide for free!).

For more on what summer camping actually is, see the very bottom of this document!

Cobbossee is looking for a few talented and motivated Wakesport Instructors / Counselors to intern this summer in the Wake Team. Situated on gorgeous Lake Cobbosseecontee, Cobbossee has a picturesque waterfront, private access and a man made beach, not to mention our fleet of speedboats.

Working at the Waterfront includes a Red Cross Lifeguarding course provided by us as well as a 5-day Waterfront Orientation for the Waterfront team to upload and practice all of the skills of proficient waterfront management. Motorboat operators will undertake professional third party training to ensure the highest of safety and instructional standards. If you have experience driving boats or just love wake sports and have interest in growing as a coach and person this summer, come and do something you love and get to call it work at Camp Cobbossee!

Each Wakesport Instructor/Counselor lives in a bunk with (and cares for!) a set of campers and works at the camp waterfront during the day, teaching wake sports with a range of age groups and skill sets. This position is also responsible for joining in with the rest of the waterfront staff on safety drills, training, and generally contributing to a strong team. Being on the waterfront team also offers a huge variety of roles and activities alongside instructing wake sports. You want to belong to an amazing crew and do good work all summer whilst learning or improving your skills for so many activities that involve water? This is for you.


Ever wanted to see New England? Well, in addition to your salary and bonus, Cobbossee will provide you with a travel stipend so you can get out to Maine without spending your own money.

Room and board is also provided ALL SUMMER LONG, so you won’t have any outgoings whilst at camp and on-site laundry, Staff room, weight room and all of our facilities are there for you to enjoy free of charge. You’re also in luck because the food is famously good at Cobbossee. No, really, it is!

Check out Louis on our website. 

Further, and maybe most importantly for a summer work experience; days off and nights out are spent with other adventurous college-aged folks like you. Our counselors make lifelong friends at Cobbossee. Many return year-to-year. We have a very rich social scene over the summer, hiring men and women from all over the states and world.


We can configure your employment this summer as job training, an internship, or just a really great summer job. Each year Cobbossee provides around 20-30 staff with internships in a range of sports and positions. Many schools have different requirements so learning objectives and contact hour requirements will be discussed through the interview process to ensure we provide the best professional development for you through this work experience.

Our director, Josh Holland, is a former academic and can make sure your experience is converted into internship credit if that’s what you want. Especially if you are in any child-centered major (teaching, education, coaching) or any sports-related field (sports management, kinesiology, movement, physical-education), this experience can be one of the best paid internships you can find. Even without course credit, we can ensure that professional learning outcomes are created and achieved throughout your summer with us.


“Summer jobs” are often seen as throwaway jobs. Not here. This job is going to challenge you. You are going to give of yourself, have an absolute blast, develop strong friendships with your peers, and really make a difference in young people’s lives. Please read our Handshake reviews. Our Staffing Director will also be happy to connect you with last years staff members if you want to hear about it from them first hand.

You should come work at Cobbossee because we are one of the best. We develop counselors like we develop campers. You will change for the better. It will truly be the summer of your life.


For anyone not familiar with the huge world of sleepaway camps in New England, it works as follows:

All over the northeast each summer, families send their boys and girls up to New England to spend anywhere from a couple weeks to the entire summer at a sleepaway camp. Sometimes people who are not from the east coast see this as a strange choice, maybe even a mean choice! “Don’t they like their kids?” the question goes. Of course they do. They love their children and it’s hard for them to be away from them for the time they are at camp. But parents sacrifice time with their kids in the summer because summer camp is really good for young children. Camp (especially longer-term camps of four-to-eight weeks) teaches children independence, self-reliance, and confidence through the teaching of new skills, improving at sports, and living away from home. It isn’t always easy. But it is worth it! Crucial to this process are you, the counselor. You become like a family member to the campers in your cabin. In fact, you will find yourself developing really fast yourself, just so you can be the best counselor and instructor possible for your kids! It is rewarding, challenging, and transformative work to care for campers.

How to Apply

You should follow the link below to apply online. Our Staffing Director, Matt “Jonesy” Jones will be in touch very quickly. You can also call us at 800-473-6104 if you have more questions or simply text Jonesy at 207-305-2170.

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