Program Awesomeness Director
Camp Augusta

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Program Awesomeness Director

Camp Augusta
Nevada City, California
No experience required
Start Date:
Job starts in about 2 months (May 15, 2018)

You’re sat there, an emerging professional in the camping industry, hoping for your first (or perhaps second or third) big break. You’re looking for a place that loves children, and beyond that, loves their staff enough to give them 3.5 weeks of training, and pages upon pages of the latest research in NonViolent Communication, Developmental Psychology and parenting practices. You’re wanting a balance between supporting staff, nurturing campers, and getting wild in an oatmeal fight. You adore reading and writing; blogs, magazines, books – if it can help you to better serve your life-mission, it’s on your nightstand. Oh yea, you have a life-mission – it burns within your heart like a lighthouse on the shore. Idleness, procrastination, anger, frustration, and worry are not your friends; you’re confident, responsible, effective, personable and passionate – you’re quirky, thoughtful, self-assured and playful. You’re another star in the constellation of Augusta, and we’ve been missing you. So you pick up the phone, call us up, we have a laugh… and together we discover if we fit each other like Silverstein’s missing piece.  

We are hiring A SECOND Assistant Director level position which we call the “PAD” (Program Awesomeness Director).  As the name implies, this person creates magic upon magic, both in terms of actual programs (e.g., clinics, Playstation, Evening Programs), as well as improving processes.

Program Awesomeness Director Skills:

-View processes with a critical yet understanding eye. Can zoom in to account for specific details while also zooming out to gather important big-picture context in a variety of different situations

-Flexibility and thrives in an organic work environment; is ready to move where needed knowing that this may change regularly, sometimes daily and hourly. Needs to anticipate changes in direction, and manage necessary administration tasks effectively.

-Innovative and creative; constantly devising effective ways to offer more magic and support to the camp community and executing them at a high quality

-Ability to keep track of many different moving parts of a summer at camp, and hold them all with love and care. Multitasking is absolutely crucial!

-Love for working with and teaching children in a safe, fun, and intentional manner

Program Awesomeness Director Skills:

-Improves upon systems for an ever-changing community under a framework of logic, prior experiences, and empathy

-Oversees all programming that includes activities, playstations, evening programs, weekend programs and cabin activities. Inspires other staff, encourages development and creates new ideas directly. No activity in these areas will stagnate under your guidance.

-Independently create a system of organization to ensure that all domains of responsibility are held with care and consistency throughout the summer

-Supports all other staff in their roles by checking in with them on a daily basis. Able to hold them with care, while also challenging them and channelling them through a process of growth in line with Augustan values and philosophies ? Actively scaffolds staff to grow in their personal capacity for excellent work

-Engages with the rest of the camp community to offer fun, memorable experiences even beyond the realm of the PAD ? Teaching activities, auction prizes, special wake-ups, cabin activities, playstations

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