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When you think of camp, you probably think of a lake, forest, simplicity, fun, and stunning beauty.



Camp Augusta
Nevada City, California
No experience required
Start Date:
Job starts in about 2 months (May 15, 2018)

Dearest Village Leader,
Oh, how my heart wishes you were here in the Northern California woodlands already. With your confident demeanor, zany playfulness and inspiring support, you ensure that the counselors in your care bring the magic of Camp Augusta to the excited campers. I long for the moments in which your weekend village programs create new worlds in the wilderness, or when you sit quietly with a homesick child, working through their grief using the many skills you developed during our three-week staff training. I can still hear the echoes of your costumed special wake-ups, and the heartbeat of your love of our consensus based, intentional speech loving, flat-hierarchy community. The position is more challenging than most Assistant Director jobs, but that challenge offered a forge for growth and joy, despite the intensity. I remember the times we chatted about our 1:2 staff/camper ratio, and your love of our 150 unique clinics. I yearn to hear more of your life through our application process: a simple yet profound set of six questions. Our community this summer cannot be complete without you (which can be May-Aug or April through September).
Yours in Camping,
Camp Augusta

Village Leaders are the primary support system for counselors.  Each village (4-5 cabins) has its own Village Leader (VL) responsible for overseeing the campers’ & staff experience, mainly within village life.  Village Leaders organize cabin activities, village activities and ensure that the needs of each camper and cabin are being met.  During two-week sessions, they work with the Program Directors and Master of Fun and Games to manage weekend programming.  VLs are dedicated to upholding Augusta’s leadership benchmarks, by supporting and challenging counselors to grow and by being beacons within the camp community.  Village Leaders must possess excellent communication, grammar and organizational skills.  Village Leaders teach approx. one activity a day.  Village Leaders are lynchpins in the community for camper/counselor/village life.  They are core members of the leadership team.

How to Apply

Website: www.campaugusta.org

Email: applications@campaugusta.org

Phone: 530-265-3702

...or add your interest here https://goo.gl/forms/SEZ4S3FnEHbClnXK2

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