Co-Equestrian Director
Camp Augusta

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Co-Equestrian Director

Camp Augusta
Nevada City, California
Some experience required
Start Date:
Job starts in 3 months (May 15, 2018)

Our equestrian program is small, 9 horses. We teach predominantly Western riding with a small amount of English and offer both trail rides and basic arena work. The Equestrian Director leads program development and delivery working alongside the Assistant Equestrian Director.  In addition to running our program they are responsible for feeding & mucking as well as general herd maintenance.  CHA certification (or ability to obtain) or 3+ years leading a similar program required.  Sometimes, the program is run with two equestrian directors, if the skills are matched/equivalent. 

EQ Skills:
● Is creative and flexible with implementing new programming ideas with horses - doesn’t settle for the
norm, and sees potential for integration with other camp programs
● Horse sense; understands each horse, their temperament, strengths and relationship with the herd.
They use this knowledge to utilize the herd daily and match horses to riders and activities
● Anticipates and manages risk with relation to the herd and the campers. Always has awareness, and
balances acknowledgement of inherent risk while providing engaging programs
● Love for working with and teaching children in a safe, fun, and intentional manner

EQ Tasks:
● Lead development and execution of all equestrian programming (predominantly Western riding style,
familiarity in English style helpful)
● Oversee ordering of all supplies necessary for thorough care of the herd, including feed and
● Manage health and safety of a small herd of horses (9-10 total) for the duration of the summer,
including feeding and mucking
● Responsible for care and upkeep of all equestrian-related equipment, including ordering new gear as
needed and approved
● Accurately assess rider’s skill level to ensure a high level of safety in the EQ program
● Learn local trails thoroughly in order to safely lead all trail rides throughout the summer
● Engages with the rest of the camp community to offer fun, memorable experiences even beyond the
realm of the Equestrian Director
○ Teaching other activities, auction prizes, special wake-ups, cabin activities, playstations

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