Camp Alsing

Transformative Experience - For Our Campers and Our Staff

Camp Alsing is a co-ed overnight camp in Unity, ME for kids with high-functioning autism and other social communication disorders. In one of the most beautiful locations in the country we work to transform the lives of incredible kids who amaze us everyday. We believe in providing our campers with tools to make the connections they want to, and to laughing, having fun, and enjoying summer!

Camp Alsing is located amidst the mountains and lakes of central Maine, and is a close drive to the the Atlantic Coast. 90 minute drive to Portland, awesome land/water adventure activities.

About Camp Alsing

"I've never felt so trusted, so accepted at work in my life" ..."I didn't know any of these people two weeks ago and now they are a huge part of my life"...these are some of the quotes from our staff members. 

Working at Camp Alsing is an experience like no other.  Is it hard? Yes.  Is it life-changing? Yes.  Is it fun? Yes.  

Founded in 2016, Camp Alsing works with kids ages 9-17 with high-functioning autism and other social challenges.  We expect a lot from our staff, but in return we provide a supportive, collaborative, engaging work environment unlike any other.  Join us to learn, make friends, enjoy the beauty of central Maine (a location like no other!) and change your life. 

The Employee Experience

Based on their own feedback in 1:1 conversation and evaluations, our staff feel valued, they feel heard, and they feel like they were a part of something important where they were given the space to be themselves, make independent decisions, make new friends and have a great time. 

We'll tell the truth - being a camp counselor takes a lot of mental and physical energy.  Our "Coaches" wake our campers at 7:30am, and stick with their co-Coaches and small group of campers throughout the day.  Coaches take part in activities - that means painting a map in Arts and Crafts, swimming in the lake, bilaying on the climbing wall.  A coach hopefully can have rest hour, but a camper may need them to help with a problem, which will always come first. Coaches eat all meals with campers, and hang with them through evening activity until bedtime.  A coach may be in charge of the dorm after lights out, or if not, have a break. We do provide daily breaks, and a day off per week to explore all that is beautiful and amazing about summer in Maine. 

Ideal Candidate

Camp Alsing is about working with all kinds of people.  Some of our coaches love being on stage, some love being behind the scenes.  Some of our coaches are extroverted and others are introverts.  Some play guitar, some lifeguard, some hike to the highest mountain, some draw amazing pictures.  What does everyone have in common? They love working with children, and they like to work hard with big rewards. 

Our ideal candidate is creative, good-humored, hard-working, flexible, accepting, open to feedback, excited to learn, and is a good listener. 

We do need people who have experience working with kids with special needs.  We also need people who can paddle a canoe, lifeguard, are an EMT, a nurse, an artist, a teacher - and who are just plain awesome :) - whatever that looks like.  

Room and Board

We provide room and board as part of employment.  Coaches live in a dorm with campers.  The dorm is a new, modern (5 yrs old) dorm, with a/c, private toilets and showers.  Laundry (for a fee) is onsite and available as needed.  Coaches may have a single or double room, depending on staffing ratios and other needs.  

We accommodate most food allergies and aversions.  Meals are 3x daily, and coaches are welcome to eat with us on days off as well.  We have a main course, as well as salad bar and other choices.  Snacks available during the day as well.  

Employee Perks

We have an awesome location, good food, and a supportive environment.  Days off allow staff to explore Maine :) 

Getting Here and Getting Around

Staff are welcome to bring a vehicle, but it is not required.  Unity (the small town we are located in) is charming and has a coffee shop, pizza place, ice cream shop and a few other stores and it is walkable from camp.  To venture further, one will need a vehicle, but staff often share or take time off together. 

To get here, some staff drive, others fly to Boston or Portland, ME.  We are happy to pick people up at the airport or bus stations in Portland or Augusta, ME.  Our director is happy to help people figure out the best travel option. 

For Fun

It's hard to say enough good things about Maine!  Our setting in Unity, ME is beautiful, with a river, rolling hills, trees, trails and campfires.  On time off, our staff can be found at Acadia National Park, at the coast in Belfast, on a hike nearby, or enjoying the amazing food and music in Portland or Waterville. 

There is no shortage of fun, new experiences in Maine.  Our staff, many of whom are local to the state, are always happy to share (and argue about) the best things to do here! 

How to Apply

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