Buck's T-4 Lodge

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Big Sky, Montana
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Greet and serve guests, following guidelines for "Aggressive Hospitality" and all other details of our policies and procedures regarding the service of food and beverage.

Set tables in your assigned area (or check to see they have been set) correctly and uniformly, using: clean, pressed linen (without rips, stains or tears); clean, unspotted silverware; clean china with no chips or cracks; clean unspotted glassware.

Table complements (salt and pepper, sugar, breadbaskets, etc.) should be clean and filled properly.

Assist in setting up buffet and other special food services tables/stations, as requested.

Know the menu in detail and be able to knowledgeably explain the major ingredients and preparation methods for each item to be served.

Acknowledge and respond to all guest requests, bringing them to the attention of (or turning them over to) a supervisor when necessary.

Keep station neat and clean during service. Constantly patrol assigned station, refilling water and coffee, and removing service items and condiments per established policies and procedures.

Know and use "suggestive selling" techniques when possible, e.g., selling a la carte wine, mixed drinks, after-dinner cordials, coffees, etc.

Follow all guest check and money-handling procedures.

Use proper clearing and break-down procedures.

Return all reusable table complements and condiments to be cleaned and refilled.

Return all food to the kitchen.

Complete any assigned side work, such as refilling condiments, sorting linen, hanging/storing drapes, cleaning/storing serving equipment, etc.

Return clean serving equipment to the proper storage area.

Help keep all storage areas clean and organized.

Inform management of any lost or damaged equipment, linen, etc.

Complete any assigned work duties.

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