Broken Arrow Lodge

Guest Ranch & Outfitting

We are a guest ranch & Outfitter located in the mountains with incredible scenery and lots of wildlife. We have been in business for 25 years. We have an excellent location with the prestigious Ruby River flowing through our property.

We're located 25 Miles south of Alder Montana in the Snowcrest Mountain Range.

About Broken Arrow Lodge

We offer guests a place to stay, meals, and activities. There are variety of activities from horseback riding, hiking, fishing, hunting, floating the river on inner tubes, and visiting the historical Virginia City and Nevada City. We also do a little garnet digging at the reservoir, and gold panning on the creeks.  

We have exciting guests from all over the world which enhances your work experience, meeting these fine folks. Many are repeat guests that have become great friends and are a great pleasure to have with us. We all become like family.

We have horses, goats, chicken, ducks, dogs, and cats. If you are an animal lover this is the place to be!

The Employee Experience

We offer the opportunity to learn many areas of the ranch operations as well as different job opportunities which will enhance your resume with more skills. You'll become a part of our family, not just an employee. You are recreating with the guests, enjoying all this area has to offer with fishing, horseback riding, hiking, the wildlife and the incredible mountain scenery. 

For the lodge cooks, it is the so rewarding to set that food on the table and watch as the guests eat up. Cleanup is just as rewarding making everything look great and it feels great to be in a clean environment. This is a very special part of the guest stay with us.

Ideal Candidate

We are looking for hard working individuals that take pride in their work. Clean, neat and organized is our motto for a smooth working operation. Employees that are very people oriented, want to make this the best trip ever for our guests, and willing to take the extra step to make that happen will excel here. Respect is essential. Good manners and a great attitude and let's get the job done and have fun while we're doing it! 

Room and Board

Room and Board are included. You will have a private room, but on occasion, you may have to share while hunting camp folks are going in and out. There is a little cabin next to the lodge with heat and a refrigerator. You can store special snacks or drinks that you prefer. There is a designated bathroom for you to use in the lodge. You would need to bring your own toiletries and your own towel. Bedding is supplied, but you can also bring your own. Anyone going to camp will need to have a sleeping bag. Staff meals are supplied, often we eat after our guests do.

Employee Perks

You will be in some of the most beautiful country with all the mountains and wildlife. you will enjoy the guests as they are amazing folks and you can learn so much from them as well. You can also make more connections for your future. We offer opportunities to learn about all of the things we do. A cook/housekeeper can have the opportunity to ride horses and see more of the country. We do cookouts and that gives you opportunities to see more of the area. Because we are small, there are opportunities to participate in many of the positions providing variety and learning new skills. We are small so we are like family as we live together and work together.

Getting Here and Getting Around

If you have a vehicle that's great! If you need transportation from the airport or bus station, we can provide that. If you do not have transportation, we often times go to town for supplies and can pick up things for you or you can order them and they will be delivered here. We do have wireless internet. some of the previous employees chose to go hiking or horseback riding during time off and a vehicle is not needed for that. (Some restrictions do apply to the horse use.) Employees can also catch a ride with other employees who have vehicles, or with us when there is availability.

For Fun

For fun, you can go fishing, hiking, horseback riding. If you have a vehicle you can visit nearby towns for history or bigger towns for shopping, etc. If you don't have a vehicle there is lots to do here and you can work if you prefer. Sometimes you can catch a ride with someone going to town in the event you wish to recreate in town on your day off. Sometimes you can go along on a horse ride that is going somewhere with guests. We do not provide a vehicle for you.

How to Apply

online application, email or by phone 406-842-5437

talk to either Erwin or Sherry Clark

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