Reindeer Handler
Borealis Basecamp

Guests stay in geo-desic igloos, with clear roofs to view the aurora from their beds

Full Time Reindeer Handler Wanted to Work under the Northern Lights

Luxury Aurora viewing resort located 30 min outside Fairbanks

  • fall
  • winter

Reindeer Handler

Borealis Basecamp
Fairbanks, Alaska
$17.00 / hour + tips
Some experience required
Start Date:
Starts immediately!

At Borealis Basecamp, we are dedicated to providing the best customer service in Alaska to our guests. We are an adventure resort just outside of Fairbanks, Alaska, where guests from all over the world gather to watch the northern lights and experience Alaska’s beauty. We seek dedicated, friendly, energetic people who enjoy interacting with people from all over to join our team

We are completely off the grid, meaning we generate all of our own electricity and haul the water we need for use on-site. 

We have a total of 28 rooms on-site, a full-service kitchen, shuttle services, and an activities program to keep our guests entertained all day before the northern lights come out.

We are currently looking for passionate individuals to join our team for our upcoming winter season, starting December 26th and ending April 10th. 

Reindeer Handlers build and maintain relationships with livestock, feed, clean, and take care of livestock pens, work with reindeer to train them to work alongside guide staff, regularly count inventory on farm supplies, guide informative, engaging tours to guests, assist with the workload on activities desk.

Requirements: The ability to hold conversations with strangers for a long period of time is a crucial part of this position. Experience with livestock or reindeer required. Knowledge of Alaskan nature and history, and passion for the outdoors preferred. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU DO NOT HAVE EXPERIENCE WORKING WITH HORSES OR REINDEER.

How to Apply

Contact Borealis Basecamp for more info or to apply for the job.