Camp Chef in Horse Camp!
Blue Sky Sage Horseback Riding Retreats

If you love the outdoors, and cooking great food for small groups, join our team!

We're remote yet accessible, with mountain and high desert views, live water in camp, privacy.


Camp Chef in Horse Camp!

Blue Sky Sage Horseback Riding Retreats
Sublette County Road 23-133, Lander Cutoff, Boulder, Wyomin, Wyoming
unknown / month + tips
Some experience required
Start Date:
Job starts in 3 months (May 27, 2020)

We have a great job open for a man or woman who enjoys serving guests with a positive attitude and dedicated attention to their needs. The position is for a camp chef in a vehicle-supported tent camp, with a well-equipped kitchen and dining setup. We conduct week-long horseback riding trips in Wyoming for small groups of about 10 adults in total, mostly women. Meals include full breakfast in camp, light lunch items for the saddle, afternoon hors d’oeuvres with cocktails, and a full dinner. The successful applicant must have a great attitude toward serving guests at all times, a good work ethic, be an enthusiastic member of our team, and the ability to “go with the flow” as necessary. NO RIDING REQUIRED, NO HORSE EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!

Please visit our website to see what the company is all about. We live by several mottos, two of which certainly apply to this position: “Plans often don’t work out, but planning does” and “Go with the flow”; we try to plan and prepare as best we can for everything before the first guest of the season arrives so that we can focus all the necessary attention to conducting each ride week as safely, professionally, and enjoyably as possible, for all of us. Preference to someone who will commit to the full season, salary TBD. Single persons only.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Our field season is conducted from a remote tent camp that is 45 miles from the nearest town by vehicle. We do not have internet or cell phone service in camp, and though there are spots where service is available out there, we expect staff to be able to be out of touch with the “outside world” for the duration of each ride week. Our guests come here to get away from civilization and it is not only disruptive to the flow and feel we are trying to create for them, but it distracts the staff from the job at hand, which is taking care of the guests and horses, and being part of the wilderness experience with everyone. If you don’t think you can turn your cell phone off for a week, then this isn’t the place or the job for you. The owner, for business and safety purposes, does check voicemail and email during the ride week, so if someone needs to reach you in an emergency, they will be able to by contacting her. Also, we do not accommodate personal horses or dogs. We have two “camp dogs” of our own and you will be able to make friends with them.

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