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Where the Wild Things Are – February 12, 2017

Kelcy Fowler

Hello Friends,

CoolWorks was born 22 years ago at the Tower Ranger Station in Yellowstone National Park. The purpose and passion of our work is the joy of connecting people with Jobs In Great Places, most often wild places. We are inspired to do what we do by hearing from many of you years later when you write us to share your story, and tell us how life changed after that one summer job introduced you to you to your happy place, your special person, yourself.

Both on our site and in our hearts, these Great Places are heavily rooted in National Parks and around public lands. has been a vehicle for thousands (myself included) to take the leap, to move away from the places we come from and take an opportunity to live and work in a National Park or wilderness area via a seasonal job. I know that for myself and many others, this life experience gave me my first proper introduction to our public lands, and transformed me into a conservationist.

Preserving our wild places – that is America’s Best Idea. They are the tendons of our American legacy and our National identity. Our water, our mountains, our forests, and our grasslands, the undeveloped areas that have been preserved by countless Americans who fought to protect them throughout our country’s history – they’re our breath. We are proud to support efforts that protect our public lands for future generations, and we hope that each of you will seek out your own path to support and protect your wild spaces!

Please take a few minutes to check out Protect our Public Lands.
Some great people and organizations are standing together with the belief that public lands are
our shared American inheritance, for the good of all of us, not the profit of a few.

We are proud to stand with them. We hope you’ll join us.

Click here to watch the video, sign the petition and share with your community.

“This is what we can promise the future: a legacy of care. That we will be good stewards and not take too much or give back too little, that we will recognize wild nature for what it is, in all its magnificent and complex history – an unfathomable wealth that should be consciously saved, not ruthlessly spent. Privilege is what we inherit by our status as Homo sapiens living on this planet. This is the privilege of imagination. What we choose to do with our privilege as a species is up to each of us.” ― Terry Tempest Williams
The Hour of Land: A Personal Topography of America’s National Parks

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I believe that spending a season working in a National Park is a right of passage. No matter your age or background, these treasures are yours and they’re waiting for you. There’s no better way to experience them than by spending an entire season getting to know them intimately.

I hope you’ll go embrace them. We are cheering for you!