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Let’s Focus on Your Next Great Adventure! – January 29, 2017

Kathi Noaker

Hello Friends,

It’s been a rather momentous last couple of weeks. One president saying farewell, the inauguration of a new president, and millions of women – and children and men – marching in the streets for equality and justice for all. Just another January in the United States? We think not. Our collective Facebook and Twitter feeds are non-stop with articles and opinions. Executive orders are flying out of the White House these days like bats from a cave! And so, this week we’re going to take a rest from all that and do what we do best – talk about CoolWorks. Because not unlike our country, it’s hasn’t been a typical January here either.

We’ve continued to fine tune our new website design that we launched in November. As a reminder, for you the jobseeker, new key features include saved searches, an interactive favorites list, and email notifications of recently posted jobs delivered directly to your inbox.  You can get set up to do all that here:

Create a Job Seeker Account

Last week we launched two new category pages: Campground Jobs and Spa Jobs. We’re pretty excited about those, and we hope you’ll find them useful.

Lastly, we announced on our news page that our original founder retired after 22 years, and we have new captains steering the CoolWorks ship – originally CoolWorks job seekers, then seasonal employees,  then CoolWorks employees and now owners. Yep, this happened! See, seasonal jobs can lead to all sorts of life adventures and opportunities you never saw coming!

With all that said, what’s most important is that summer employers are firing up recruiting in force and NOW is the time to apply, apply, apply!



Announcing CoolWorks Staff Picks!

The CoolWorks staff has some pretty sweet gigs, but we also daydream about being you pretty much daily. With so many interesting employers and amazing opportunities in fantastic places, how could we not?

Here are the #CoolWorksJobs that we’d chase after in a heartbeat:

Check out Ker’en’s pick: Ratna Link Retreat Center


Check out Kathi’s pick: Block Island Resorts


Check out Matt’s pick: Kingsley Pines Camp


No matter how you’re feeling at the start of this strange new year, you still have the personal power and ability to craft for yourself the adventure of a lifetime. Our nation’s public lands and great places are out there waiting. So get out there! We’re rooting for you!