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The Compass Blog is your guide to navigating the world of Jobs in Great Places®! We cover a wide range of topics relating to seasonal and outdoor jobs, including tips and how to's, travel ideas, personal finance advice, fun stories of history and personal experiences, and much more!

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Recreate Responsibly is a coalition comprised of nonprofits, outdoor businesses, and land managers (CoolWorks is proud to be one of them) and was formed in May 2020 in order to develop and share best practices to protect each other and our natural landscapes.

The Fred Harvey Company: The Original Seasonal Jobs

Seasonal pilgrimage has roots going back over a century now. A notable group of early pioneers – some of the original “seasonal workers” – were leaving their homes and traveling across the county for seasonal jobs starting in 1880 for the Fred Harvey Company.

Hot Springs Near Your Next Winter Job

This time of year when the days get shorter, and the temperatures drop, those of us who are winter-inclined start thinking about the snowy fun we’re about to have. After a day loading chair lifts or skiing the bumps, the tracks, the backcountry trails, snowshoeing through a pine forest, mushing…

The Variety of Winter Seasonal Jobs

It’s that time of year when employers for winter seasonal jobs are in full recruiting mode. In pondering a winter job and where you might like to be, here’s a rundown of possibilities to consider.

What is a Seasonal Job?

When we talk about seasonal jobs, we mean opportunities that allow you to travel, to live and work in places where others go on vacation, jobs that give you the opportunity to live in beautiful places that you can explore during your time off.