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Big Sky Country

Big Sky Country. The Treasure State. The Last Best Place.  The birthplace of America’s Best Idea, the National Park system, and home to Yellowstone and Glacier National Park. With a name that means “mountain” in Spanish, I’m referring to none other than…M-O-N-T-A-N-A.

Full of gorgeous landscapes and pristine wilderness, you can find not only the longest un-dammed river in the lower 48, but it’s also the only state in the US with a triple divide, which allows water to flow into the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and the Hudson Bay.

Montana is a state where there are more cattle than there are people. Where moose, which were once thought to be extinct south of the Canadian Rockies, have now reached a population of over 8,000. It’s a place where more golden eagles have been seen in a single day than anywhere else in the US, and you can actually view wild bison roaming on the range. Not surprisingly, Montana has also named the grizzly bear their state animal.

No wonder this place is often thought of with intrigue and splendor.

If you haven’t been there yet, I highly recommend adding it to your bucket list. Or better yet, find a job on the Montana Jobs page so you can live there and have plenty of time to check out fascinating geological features such as Giant Springs Lake, where according to chlorofluorocarbon dating, it takes approximately 3,000 years for water to travel underground before returning to the surface. Or the 13 T-Rex specimens located at Museum of the Rockies, along with one of the largest collections of dinosaur fossils on the planet.

Whether you’re looking for a job in a National Park, on a Ranch, or for a Non-Profit – the opportunities in Montana are endless. 

Featured Employers

“Have you ever dreamed about running away? Or, maybe you have fantasized about moving to a majestic, unspoiled part of the world that you have longingly gazed at in magazines – a place where you don’t know a soul and long to live an uncomplicated, sparse lifestyle; all the while earning your room and board employed at a job for which you have had no prior experience…

For many years, those dreams brewed restlessly within me. Eventually, I listened to my nagging inner voice and took the plunge to what would become one of the most significant experiences of my adult life.”

– Bette
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