Innkeeper/Manager Team
Big Creek Lodge - Idaho Aviation Foundation

The Beautiful Lodge is completed and the Caretakers will help in making it part of history once again.

It's not just a job, it's an adventure! Maybe the most memorable job you'll ever have...

In central Idaho's remote Salmon River Mountains, and nearly surrounded by the famed 2.3 million acre Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness.

Big Creek Lodge, Idaho
unknown / week + tips
Some experience required
Start Date:
Job starts in 2 months (May 01, 2020)

Working at Big Creek Lodge will be memorable because 2020 will be the second full season of operation since a devastating 2008 internal fire burned our 1930s lodge to the ground.  It's a unique operation because it is served primarily by a backcountry airstrip (that's how supplies are delivered too), is off the grid, and is operated by an aviation nonprofit, Idaho Aviation Foundation, which also painstakingly rebuilt it over a 5 year period. 

If you like to work hard and play hard off the grid in a rugged setting--then this job may be for you!  

The ideal Innkeeper/Manager Team are good friends or a couple who work well together, can share accommodations, like to wear many hats and think on their feet.  A third team member will also be hired. They love being where seasonal visitors number in the hundreds not millions--and enjoy delighting those guests whether they are on a day trip arriving via aircraft or staying for a week. 

Amenities are simple: we generate our own electricity via a hydro-electric system, there is limited cell service nor landline, we have slow but working wi-fi, the nearest town of 3,000 is more than a 3-hour drive away...but the lodge's huge fireplace and spruce log construction welcome those who truly want to disconnect.  Visitors are thrilled to visit the 2.3 million acres Wilderness a stone's throw away, yet enjoy the hospitality and safety Big Creek Lodge provides to those who cannot or do not wish to camp.

Managing the Lodge has a variety of duties shared by three people (and volunteer help), including:

  • Understanding and embracing the vision of Big Creek Lodge
  • Cheerfully greeting/serving guests, answering questions, help coordinate activities, relate area history
  • Planning, preparing and serving all meals and drinks (including wine/beer) to drop-ins as well as lodge guests
  • Ordering and storing/handling food and drink, supplies, & merchandise
  • Managing merchandise inventory and sales
  • Cleaning lodge & guest rooms, duplex and yurt, & maintaining clean linens
  • Planning for guests via reservation data from website
  • Collecting payments for services and goods, basic record keeping
  • Mowing and watering lawn; irrigating pasture
  • Maintaining buildings and equipment, performing minor maintenance as needed
  • Cutting/splitting firewood as needed
  • Communicating with IAF supervisor with updates and needs
  • Disposing of garbage (requires travel to Yellow Pine)
  • Assist in collecting donations for the Foundation on-site
  • Promoting Big Creek Lodge via website/social media posts
  • Delegating appropriate work to volunteers when available
  • Understanding and meeting operational requirements of USFS Special Use Permit
  • Maintaining productive relationships with USFS, neighbors, outfitters, etc.
  • Managing controllable costs
  • Assisting customers with emergencies and other issues as needed
  • Other appropriate duties as assigned
  • Must be over 19, have a valid drivers' license and be able to lift 50 lbs

The rebuilt Big Creek Lodge has 4 comfortable rooms for rent to the public, and will normally accommodate 6-8 people with up to 20 possible via a backcountry yurt and duplex cabin nearby.  It is known as a special 'fly-in' breakfast spot, so weekends can be busy in the morning with slower times mid-week.  The Innkeepers/Managers will run the Lodge with a fair amount of independence while working cooperatively with an off-site Supervisor.

How to Apply

Email for full job description and to request an application. The deadline for applications is February 20, 2020.  Candidates for interviews will be selected, and then final decision/offers to be made by mid-March.

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