Chalet Hotel Staff
Belton Chalets Incorporated

"The BEST JOB I've ever had!" say former employees

Live, eat, work, & play wtih a team of 4 in Glacier's backcountry all summer!


Chalet Hotel Staff

Belton Chalets Incorporated
West Glacier, Montana
$790.00 / week + tips
No experience required
Start Date:
Starts soon! (Jun 16, 2022)

Looking for a team player, as a hotel staff for 12 rooms, and spend time hiking all of Glacier's backcountry trails!  Join our adventurous crew and live in a gorgeous back-country setting with a team of four, and create lifetime memories! 

No expenses, leave your stress behind, get out on the fabulous trails, and receive a huge end-of-season bonus (plus weekly pay) and GREAT tips!  This job is for you- the adventurous soul- who wants to embrace a unique, lifetime adventure unlike any other!  It's the 'BEST' JOB IN GLACIER former employees will tell you! 

There's phone service (for those who need to check in with others throughout the summer), no electricity, propane operated stoves and dining room lights, pack trains for supplies (yes, mules), and you wake up to drop-dead beauty and serve guests who are happy to be there for one night...and YOU have the whole summer! Go to UTube Enjoy Your Parks:  Granite Park Chalet Area to view drop-dead scenery!

Call me (Kathie-see below) and we'll connect!  

Beginning date:  June 16-September 12.

How to Apply

Call Kathie, Granite Park Chalet Concessioner, at 1-406-890-1299 and we'll connect via a zoom interview!

Or Email: with a RESUME and I'll call YOU!!


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