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Fishing Excursion Guide - Captain's License Required* Full Time (Ketchikan Alaska)

Mountains, whales, waterfalls, salmon, halibut, lingcod, eagles, rainbows, and the aurora

  • summer
Ketchikan, Alaska
$225.00 - $275.00 / trip + tips
Some experience required
Start Date:
Starts in 3 months. (May 01, 2023)

Pay is $225-275/trip depending on trip type



Fishing guides operate our fleet of Raider aluminum boats on the most productive waters on Earth, taking guests out into the wilderness of Southeast Alaska. We say the job is 70% safety, 20% customer service, and 10% fishing. While passion and skill for fishing are absolutely required to be successful in this job, safety will always come first, and customer service will see you through the hard days where the fish are elusive.

Housing assistance available.

Season: May 1st through September 30th


  • Trips usually last 5-6 hours
  • Guides need to be at the dock an hour before their trip and usually spend an hour at the end of their trip cleaning up the boat
  • Typically one trip a day
  • At times, guides will run doubles during busy months such as June, July, and August
  • Six days a week


  • $225-275 per trip, depending on trip type
  • Tips can never be guaranteed, but can be significant
  • $40 additional per trip if 6 guests are aboard
  • Tackle reimbursement per trip: $10 plus $2.50 per guest ($20-25/trip)


  • In-house online training course
  • Practical training and ride-alongs before your first trip
  • Access to company boats for personal trips (with reasonable limits)
  • 40% employee discount at company restaurant, The Alaska Fish House


  • Captain’s License (MMC), either OUPV (6 pack) or Masters
  • First Aid/CPR certification
  • Pre-employment drug screen
  • Enroll in random drug testing consortium
  • Alaska Sport Fishing License
  • Alaska Sport Fishing Guide License


  • Make safety the highest priority on excursions. Conduct pre-trip inspections of any vessel to be operated, gives a safety briefing before every trip, ensure required safety equipment is always functional and aboard, and maintain a high degree of vigilance at all times.
  • Exceed guest expectations whenever possible, putting thoughtful effort and care into all guest interactions. Greet guests warmly, supporting them throughout the trip.
  • Seek to improve fishing skills, explore new fishing spots and experiment with gear in order to bring the best possible chance of catching to each group of guests
  • Communicate clearly with guests, teaching them the basics of fishing in Alaska and delivering narrative on the history and ecosystem
  • Work closely with maintenance and dock crews to ensure any issues with boats or motors are promptly resolved.
  • Guides aren’t typically expected to fix maintenance problems on their own, but must communicate them as they’re recognized
  • Own mistakes, accepts constructive feedback and uses it to improve throughout the season
  • Pay close attention to details; safety; equipment; communications; timing/schedules; paperwork/logbook; and many others
  • Work well as part of the guide team; check in with other guides about the plan for the day; respect the ideas and suggestions of other guides; take time when possible to lend a hand to assist coworkers.

Physical/Environmental Aspects:

  • Must be able to lift and carry up 40 lbs
  • Operating boats in the summer in Southeast means exposure to rain, cold winds, sea spray, and temperatures ranging from the high 40s to the mid-80s
  • Must be able to endure impacts as boat hulls bounce in the chop
  • Position requires frequent standing, walking, grasping, carrying, and balancing

How to Apply

Please send resumes via email to

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