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We have several seasonal positions open for our 2020 guest season at the Bar NI Ranch, which typically runs from May to mid-November unless otherwise stated in the job listing.  We currently do not offer any year round employment. We host archery and rifle elk hunting in the fall and give preference to applicants that have experience guiding and/or working for similar hunting operations.  

We prefer applicants that are familiar with remote southern Colorado living.  We are located in Stonewall, Colorado, with the nearest town (Trinidad) with shopping and restaurants about 45 mins away. This can be somewhat challenging for some so please be sure before applying that this is something you've considered. We do not provide staff with transportation for personal use and highly recommend they bring a vehicle for those purposes. Compensation includes a salary depending on experience and abilities, share of the tip pool, housing (including utilities) that may be with or without roommates (no family housing available), meals with other staff in our lodge, access to the ranch and its amenities on days off and some free nights for your personal guests to come be guests at the Bar NI!  We do not provide phone, cable or wifi services for staff.  However there is an room in our lodge that has Dish Network available for all staff to enjoy, as well as a small workout/gym area. Verizon is the only service that works somewhat reliably in the area.

We highly discourage bringing pets due to our abundant wildlife and other liabilities but will consider them on a case by case basis ... but preference will be given to those that do not have an accompanying pet.  

We live by the mantra "guests first, coworkers second, and ourselves last" and applicants must be willing to embrace that while working with as a team or independently. Days are long and busy for all staff especially during the busy seasons (June & July and September & October).  Like many seasonal positions, days off are varying and staff must be flexible and accommodating depending guest loads and what needs to be done at the ranch.  

We do perform full background checks and require strong references before hiring so please don't apply if that will be a problem for you.  It is preferred that our staff are either currently or able to become CPR/First Aid certified before their arrival.  However, it is possible we will offer a class at the beginning of the season at the ranch.  Staff will be expected to cover the cost of their certification.  

Please review the listed positions and if you are interested and qualified, we would love to review your resume and answer any questions you may have.

Please send detailed resumes with references to Please no phone calls.

Interviews will begin late January 2020. Thanks for your interest in working at the Bar NI Ranch!!


  • Ranch Mechanic

    unknown / hour + tips

    We are looking for a qualified, experienced mechanic to add to our team for the 2020 guest season at the Bar NI Ranch.  This is full-time, seasonal position beginning in mid-April and ending mid-November. 

    This person must have experience to ensure they are qualified and able to: 

    *Oversee all preventative maintenance requirements and repairs for ranch owned vehicles including: UTVs (mainly Polaris Rangers), Jeeps, SUVS, trucks, trailers, tractors, and other heavy equipment.

    *Able to locate sources of problems by observing mechanical devises in operation; listening for problems; using precision measuring and testing instruments.

    *Able to competently remove and replace defective parts by dismantling devise; using hoists, lifts and hand/power tools. It is important that all mechanical work complies with applicable safety rules and policies.  

    *Manage department parts and tool inventories by researching costs, designing inventory systems, determining inventory levels, anticipating needed supplies and placing orders. Our location is remote, being 45 mins away from the nearest parts dealers and stores. Therefore, a lot of our parts are ordered online and the mechanic must have experience researching and placing orders in this manner, as well as maintaining positive relationships with the local part dealers and stores.

    *Oversee and be responsible for the department budget and expenses by studying historical data, anticipating needs and researching costs.

    *Manage the mechanic shop appearance by disposing of trash, putting away supplies/tools, sweeping, and other duties as needed.  

    You must be able to communicate positively and effectively with all coworkers and ranch guests at all times and in all situations. We have zero tolerance for temper issues, drama and negativity. Respect, honesty and hard work ethics are required. 

    It is important that our staff enjoy their jobs, while striving to "ride for the brand". Days and hours can be long with varying days off and this is not a "punch in at 8 and out at 5" type of position.  If a vehicle needs to be repaired or serviced for our guests use, we expect that the mechanic does everything possible, including working extra hours, to accommodate the need. Even though this position typically works independently, it is very important that this person is a team player as well.  We are looking for someone that has a positive, optimistic personality and is willing to live by our ranch mantra "guests first, coworkers second, and ourselves last". 

    We offer a salary (range of $2000-$2500 monthly) based on experience, knowledge, and abilities  plus tips and a season end bonus based on performance.  We offer housing, possibly with or without roommates (no family housing available), and all meals are provided. Our staff is given access to the ranch and its amenities on their days off, as well as free nights for their personal guests to come stay and be guests at the Bar NI Ranch.  

    We host archery and rifle elk hunters from September through mid-November.  It is a big plus (but not a requirement) if this person has experience guiding and/or working for a similar hunting operation and has an interest in being part of our hunting program in addition to servicing vehicles. 

    Preference will also be given to those that have experience living in southern Colorado or the surrounding areas.  Our headquarters sit at about 8000 feet, which can be extra tolling.  Those that come here from lower elevations often struggle to adapt. Please consider this aspect and your current physical condition before applying. 

    If you are qualified and interested in this position, please send a detailed resume including strong references to  We do perform full background checks before hiring applicants so please do not apply if this may be a problem for you.


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  • Prep Cook

    We are looking for a motivated, capable individual to join our 2020 guest season team to work primarily in our lodge assisting the cooks with all baking needs and preparing side dishes, serving meals to our staff and guests, and some general lodge and kitchen cleaning, dish washing and housekeeping responsibilities, as needed.  This is a seasonal position that begins in May and ends mid-November, after our hunting season wraps up. 

    We rotate our prep cooks throughout the week, working various shifts alongside our cooks in our commercial grade kitchen.  You don't necessarily need professional experience to fill this role but you do need to be able to independently bake various breads and desserts, prepare attractive side salads and home style side dishes under the direction of the on shift cook and prepare picnic lunches for our guests.  We are requiring food handler permits for all cooks and prep cooks and will assist the hired applicant in obtaining that if they haven't already.  It is important that our prep cooks are orderly and clean and can assist in keeping the kitchen organized.  Frequently dish washing and kitchen cleaning duties, such as sweeping, mopping, cleaning appliances and disinfecting surfaces, are required. This position can be fast moving and a little stressful around mealtimes.  We need someone that is calm and collected and can problem solve independently, especially during those times.  They must be willing to live by the ranch mantra "guests first, coworkers second and ourselves last".  A hospitable, positive personality that can effectively communicate with guests and coworkers is a must.  We have zero tolerance for drama, rude behavior, and/or dishonesty at any time. 

    Compensation includes salary (range $1400-$1700 monthly) based on past experience, abilities, and knowledge, portion of the tip pool, season end performance based bonus, housing, all meals and access to ranch amenities on days off, as well as some nights for staff personal guests to come be guests of the Bar NI Ranch. We highly discourage our guests from bringing a pet due to the abundance of wildlife and other liability reasons.  We have had staff pets killed by the local wildlife. However, we will consider a pet on a case by case basis but preference will be given to those coming without one. 

    We are remotely located about 45 mins away from the nearest town (Trinidad) with shopping, dining out and entertainment options, so please keep this in mind before applying.  Our days can be long and days off vary, especially during our busy guest season (June and July and September and October). You must be willing to "ride for the brand" by working those long hours as needed and be flexible and accommodating based on our guests' needs and schedules.

    Our headquarters sit at about 8000 feet, which can make even everyday tasks a little more tolling. Being in good physical condition is helpful and strongly recommended, especially since most of the time this person will be on their feet for long periods. Sometimes individuals coming from lower elevations struggle to adapt. 

    Applicants must be able to successfully pass a thorough background check before being hired. We kindly ask that you please don't waste our time or yours if you think this may be a problem. 

    If you are qualified and interested in this position, please send a detailed resume with strong references to 

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  • Maintenance/Carpentry/Elk Hunt Guide

    We are looking for a skilled maintenance/carpentry worker preferably with elk hunting guide experience to join our team for the 2020 guest season, which begins in May and ends in mid to late November. 

    This position's main responsibility from May through August will be providing maintenance services on the ranch which includes all aspects of residential repairs and construction, operating hand and power tools, operating large equipment such as dump truck,  tractors, and skid steer, assisting ranch mechanic as needed,  road and trail maintenance projects, fixing fence, assisting with hay operation, and any other project or task that is assigned by ranch manager.  From September to the end of the season in November, we would like to have the individual in this position also guide both archery and rifle elk hunts.  This requires someone in excellent physical condition that hasn't only elk hunted extensively themselves, but has guided paid elk hunts at a similar operation and has the references to attest to ethical and correct hunting practices. It is preferable that the previous guiding experience was done in Colorado or the surrounding areas. 

    Our hours are long and days off vary throughout our season. This is not a "punch in at 8 and out at 5" type job.  We are a guest ranch so there are times that emergency maintenance or repairs must be taken care of at all hours of the day and sometimes even at night. We need someone willing to go the extra mile to ensure our guests' experiences are top notch at all times.  We need a team player that doesn't cause drama and stays positive regardless of the situation at hand.  Sometimes situations such as a backed up septic system may arise or a guest needing heavy luggage carried to their room.  Hospitality is extremely important and our mantra "guests first, coworkers second and ourselves last" must be upheld.  

    Compensation includes a salary that varies depending on experience, knowledge and abilities, share of the tip pool, housing, meals, season end bonus, access to ranch amenities on days off and complimentary nights for personal guests to come stay as guests of the Bar NI Ranch.  Please do not apply if you will have any issues at all passing a thorough and complete background check. We take our guests' and staff's safety very seriously and will not hire anyone with a criminal or questionable background.

    If you are qualified and interested, please apply by sending a detailed resume to that clearly shows the skills and experience that is necessary for this position, along with several strong references. We will select applicants for phone interviews shortly. 

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How to Apply

Email detailed resume and strong references to  No phone calls please.

Applicants will be contacted directly to setup initial phone interviews. We prefer onsite interviews before hiring, if possible.  We provide lodging and meals for those interviews but not transportation. 

All applicants should be able to pass a thorough background check. 

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