B4 Ranch

Horses in the West Meadow

Family owned, Traditional, Wyoming Mountain Ranch hiring for our Summer Season, 10 miles from Yellowstone!

Three ranch complexes, closely located, make up this extended family operation. Uniquely located near the NE entrance to Yellowstone, there is abundant wildlife and the rural lifestyle that goes along with that. 

10 miles from the NE entrance to Yellowstone, in Wyoming on the Beartooth Highway.

About B4 Ranch

An old traditional Wyoming ranch owned by the same family for five generations.  Used by the family for recreation; hiking, horseback riding, fishing and camping.  The ranch also grazes horses and cattle and raises hay on the many acres of irrigated pasture land. 

The Employee Experience

The ranch is very busy during the summer season.  The extended family that owns the ranch is excited to come every year, they are proud of being stewards of such a lovely place.  The ranch staff is hired to help with the family's visits and manage their property with integrity.

Among the staff, lifelong friends are made here by shared hard work and western experiences:

  • The small staff that keeps this operation going is a tight knit ensemble.  Everyone comes with their own responsibilities but the "whole picture" effort is shared as a group.  Staff members relax with: eating meals together, sharing daily chores, helping each other in random but important ways, and in recreation, making new stories and hearty laughs. 
  • A staff member lives on the ranch and becomes part of the unique Greater Yellowstone ecosystem- learning first hand what it takes in our world to preserve a rare piece of our planet.  Exposure to all types of wildlife; predators, large game animals, raptors, song birds, waterfowl, small mammals and fish (to name a few) can be a daily experience.  When new staff arrive, we share first how to live safely in this environment.

Weekends or days off can be spent on the ranch or:  in Yellowstone, or surrounding public land access. Or in town:  Cooke City, Montana, is fairly close near the NE entrance to Yellowstone; Cody, Wyoming and in a different direction Red Lodge, Montana are each a 1.5 hour drive from the ranch. 

Ideal Candidate

Working and living on this remotely located property offers a lifetime of unique experiences in the wild Wyoming landscape. Employees have to be mature self- starters for personal recreation and entertainment, there is no built-in closely located social life.  Outdoor enthusiasts/recreationists will do best.  All ranch work requires flexibility in each day's agenda. Being a team player and having good communication skills are necessary to create a great season for this traditional family ranch.

Room and Board

Room and board is provided.  All employees have private or semi private bath.  One bunk house is available for short term contract labor needs where same sex employees may stay at times.

Employee Perks

Our small staff living on our remotely located ranch gets together often for events.  Land line phones are available for employee use, unlimited long distance.  NO CELL SERVICE anywhere close to the ranch.  Good internet accessibility is located in lodges and crew kitchen.  Vehicles will be provided for employee ranch needs.  During time off there is amazing hiking, fishing, biking, and some horseback riding is also available.  Season bonuses are possible.

Getting Here and Getting Around

The Ranch is a 1.5 hour drive (paved road) from either Cody, Wyoming, or Red Lodge, Montana, and is 12 miles from Cooke City, Montana and the NE entrance to Yellowstone.  Billings and Bozeman, (three plus hour drive) Montana are the closest large airports.

For Fun

Outdoor recreation activities are unlimited to the interested self-starter on and near this ranch property. Occasional horseback riding will be available. 

The classic western towns, Cody, Wyoming and Red Lodge, Montana are an hour and a half drive offering good restaurants, movies, rodeos, etc.  Cooke City is 12 miles offering a few amenities. 

Yellowstone National Park is only 12 miles from the ranch!

How to Apply

Email letter of intent, resume, picture and references.

You can also postal mail to:

PO Box 1838
Cody, WY, 82414 

Contact B4 Ranch