Adventure Field Guide
Aspiro Adventure

Experience amazing Utah landscapes as our groups travel around the state on epic adventures!

Challenging, yet incredibly rewarding, come be an Adventure Field Guide!


Adventure Field Guide

Aspiro Adventure
$36,000.00 - $51,000.00 / year
No experience required
Start Date:
Starts in about 1 month. (Jan 09, 2023)

Aspiro offers a new take on the traditional wilderness therapy model.  For 8 days on the trail, Field Guides take students on one of our many itineraries - rock climbing, canyoneering, mountain biking, backpacking, day hiking, downhill skiing and more. Our guides wear many hats, both facilitating adventure and working closely with therapists to create a therapeutic environment in the field.  Aspiro Guides then have 6 days off to explore, travel or sit back and relax during their off shift. 

Don’t worry if you currently don’t have the skills to be a guide. Staff training at Aspiro is hands-on and constant. You may not feel like a professional now, but through training and experience, you will develop the skills required to be a professional guide. Once hired, staff that are not as skilled in any area are paired with highly skilled staff in that area, that can train you in all aspects of outdoor recreation.

Guides work 8 days on, 6 days off.  The workweek starts on Tuesday and ends the following Tuesday.  Each Tuesday, the on-coming staff are trained and briefed on the groups they will be guiding that week. The rest of the week is spent running the itinerary (mountain biking in the Wasatch, backpacking in the Uintas, rock climbing in Southern Utah, Skiing at Sundance Resort, etc). The group then meets back on the following Tuesday at our field office.

Aspiro offers a $1000 new hire bonus, an in-house Wilderness First Responder course, stipends for professional conferences, health, dental, and vision insurance, paid training in adventure skills, and therapeutic skill-building workshops, as well as other professional development opportunities.

Compensation is based on experience and ranges from entry-level at $36,500 up to $51,000 annually.

How to Apply

Click "apply now" to visit our website for application and additional details. If you would like to speak further about what the position entails, please reach out to Natalie Thacker at 801-349-2740 or

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