Arrowhead Lodge

Housekeeper in the beautiful Bighorn mountains of Wyoming!

In the middle of the Bighorn Mountains and Bighorn National Forest, a gateway to Yellowstone National Park.



Arrowhead Lodge
Dayton, Wyoming
No experience required
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Starts immediately!

We are looking for housekeepers who are self-starters and take pride in their job to be our housekeepers for our 19 unit hotel and small rustic cabins. This job is for the exciting summer season from mid-June until mid-September. 

Arrowhead Lodge is in the middle of the Bighorn Mountains, a gateway to Yellowstone National Park. We are a family-owned and operated business; excellent customer service, family-friendly atmosphere, and cleanliness are our main focus. We offer FREE SINGLE OCCUPANCY UNITS (no sharing bathrooms!) and free meals during business hours. Inquire about joining our employee family team today.

Have a friend applying for a different position? Let us know so we can get you both interviewed! 

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