Housekeeping Manager / Assistant
Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay LLC

View from porch of Gatehouse Cabin

Experience this Alaskan treasure. You'll love your time at Angels on Resurrection Bay!

Lowell Point a special location south of Seward on the ocean!


Housekeeping Manager / Assistant

Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay LLC
Seward, Alaska
$18.00 / hour + tips
No experience required
Start Date:
Starts in about 1 month. (Jan 01, 2022)

Experience the beauty of Alaska and the safety of small-town living for our tourist season of 2022! We are looking for ONE Employee for Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay, LLC. 

We are a small company operated by Lynda Ann Martin Paquette (LAMP) and Paul H. Paquette. We provide a unique, one-of-a-kind, exceptional, award-winning lodging. We take great pride in our cleanliness and the level of customer service provided to our guests. We offer a virtually stress-free workplace in what is a very slow-paced job that becomes a fast-paced job. We are in one of the most beautiful places on earth and also the safest. The area teems with marine and other wildlife, including eagles, great blue herons, sea lions, harbor seals, whales, lots of seabirds & ducks, moose, bears. Seward is a tourist destination in the summer, so there are many shops and places to eat. There are lots of things to do! A partial list includes hiking (tons of trails), kayaking, fishing, dog sledding, zip-lining, glacier (ice) hiking, boating. 

The ideal candidates for a position with our company must love to clean and will possess high standards. You should be willing to work hard and with pride and be ready and willing to learn. Ability and desire to work unsupervised (but not without direction) are required. The candidate should also work with others and generally be of a cheerful, flexible, cooperative nature. Monetary compensation for first-year employees without experience starts at entry-level ($18 hr) (see below, we also provide housing). Raises may be possible based on outstanding performance and a demonstrated ability to take on a broad range of duties and responsibilities (but are also tied to lodging occupancy). The ability to be flexible is a must. 

In peak season, you can expect to work between 20 to 30 hours a week. (That's based on seven days a week between mid-May and mid-September.) The beginning and end of the season are slower, allowing for time to have fun). You can often put in more hours if desired. Please note, however, that we are a small enough business that we are not required to pay an "overtime" rate. Hours over 40 in a week get paid at the regular hourly rate. Days off do not get guaranteed during the period June-August. We make every effort to provide one (1) day off each week. Given the extreme unpredictability of the lodging and hospitality industry, it is not always possible to give a day off; however, a half-day off may be possible. It is also important to note that it is rarely the same day off each week. It is also possible to occasionally have two days off in a row (but no promises). 

Hours worked are usually 8 am – 4 pm (approximately). Evenings are generally free; however, if you can check in last-minute guests, it's typically a 2-hour minimum. On easy days, you can be done by early afternoon, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors! Seward is a beautiful place with lots of hiking and other outdoor activities. With the long summer days, it's possible to go hiking or boating, fishing, etc., in the afternoons and evenings. OR suppose you are more interested in making lots of money. Part-time 2nd jobs are acceptable, as long as the Employee maintains satisfactory job performance for Angels Rest and the 2nd job does not interfere with work for Angels Rest. A 2nd job must end no later than10 pm. Angels Rest works closely with several other lodging AND retail stores to assist with finding second/evening jobs. 

An end-of-season bonus may be available, based on the industry and job performance (terms will get stated in advance at the time of employment.) Bonuses usually are $1 - $2 an hour extra if the Employee completes the agreed term. 

Housing is provided at no charge. Upon departure, we expect it to be cleaned and left in proper order. If not, there may be a cleaning fee. Housing is for one worker only. Accommodation is modern with an indoor bathroom, hi-speed wi-fi & DishTV. It's a cute and unusual unit called "The Hobbit House" (if you are tall, you might bump your head a few places). It has a sweet outside picnic area with bbq grill and campfire ring that you will share in the summer with the J1 workers but is yours alone the rest of the time. There is a bicycle available for the Employee's use. Suppose the Employee has a Valid Driver's License. In that case, an insured employee vehicle is available (which must get shared with any other employees). 

Superior work performance usually results in additional income in tips; we provide tip envelopes that increase this likelihood. Guests will often leave excellent food behind as well. We use human-friendly cleaning products and provide a most pleasant working environment. We supply an apron uniform or lab coat, indoor footwear for use while cleaning cabins, work gloves if needed, etc. We strive to create a pleasant, comfortable work environment. Our employees' happiness and well-being are of great concern to us.

Ideal candidate summary: Enjoying cleaning is the #1 most important skill or interest a candidate can bring. We will be an excellent fit if you are willing to work with attention to detail and great care. Suppose you are interested and want to learn more about the hospitality industry, precisely the lodging aspect. In that case, you'll be a good fit—anyone interested in owning a B&B or small lodging establishment and anyone interested in hotel management. Enjoying the preparation of the property for guests is a big plus.

Owner/operators are also advanced souls. Employees can learn a lot about life in general during their employment, should they wish. 

Minimum requirements: A good working knowledge of the language (English), both written and spoken. Physical ability to clean cabins and rooms and adequately prepare the outsides areas of the lodging units. This position includes but is not limited to bending, kneeling, lifting, carrying (35 lbs. or so). You must be physically capable of cleaning the interiors and exteriors of each lodging unit. This work includes cleaning the bathroom, kitchenette, bedroom (change and make beds), dust, vacuuming, removing the trash, and sweeping porches. You'll also need to clean windows inside and outside (step stool only, no ladder work). Generally, all the steps necessary to prepare a spotless, adequately stocked room or cabin for our guests, inside and outside (sweep porches, clean BBQ grills, etc.). Duties must get performed in a timely fashion, with attention to detail. You can view the details of the lodging units online at our website:

This job is a physically demanding (fast-paced job during the peak season months), requiring someone with lots of energy and in good physical condition. Applicants with bad backs, or physical limitations prohibiting bending, kneeling, lifting, carrying, stooping, etc., or poor eyesight need not apply.

When working, employees' appearance must be neat and clean, and clothes may not have rips or holes or be badly stained. Dress should not be provocative.

Additional information:

  • Light groundwork such as weeding flower beds, deadheading of flowers, trimming & light pruning, and watering of flower baskets and gardens falls into the category of guest preparation. 
  • Employees wishing to learn more about the lodging industry may also find office work and managerial potential.
  • We are open to an employee having pets. Don't let that stop you from applying.

The applicant should be a non-tobacco smoker.

You may consider this year-round employment even though we close for two months. We love to build long-term relationships with our employees. We are interested in finding someone for whom this lifestyle is appealing.

Physical Locations:

Waterfront cabins: 13730 Beach Drive, Lowell Point, Seward Alaska

Heron's Roost rooms & Laundry facility and Guest Services Building: 13725 Beach Drive, Lowell Point Seward Alaska

Hobbit Loft & Hobbit House Cabin: 14070 Shady Lane, Lowell Point (used for employee housing)

Mailing address: 

Angels Rest on Resurrection Bay, LLC

P. O. Box 1741

Seward, Alaska 99664-1741

Visit our website for extensive details about the company. 

Also, you can visit Lynda's other websites: and and https//

How to Apply

Please click APPLY NOW or Online Job App to download our standard application form ~ it's not electronic ~ you'll need to print it out and fill it in and then email it back (either scanned or photos) along with your introductory email and resume if you have one to 

We will schedule a video interview after that. :)

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