AmeriCan Adventures

Live the Adventure as a North American Group Leader

Do you want to share your love of North America and the great outdoors with the rest of the world? Take you passion on the road by doubling as a tour guide and driver to take small groups camping in National Parks and soaking up culture in towns and cities.

Working for AmeriCan Adventures takes you to new destinations daily, we have over 1500 itineraries that can take you to all 50 states throughout the summer. Staying on the move with your passengers ensures your 'office' will never become dull.

About AmeriCan Adventures

Doubling as tour guide and driver, as a Tour Leader for AmeriCan Adventures you'll take small groups on exciting adventures throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Our trips are as diverse as our clientele, whether they are seeking the solitude of nature or the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan area.

We've been leading trips across the USA since 1972 and many professional guides in the industry got their start right here with us. We're also an award-winning tour & travel company-  not only did Outside Magazine rate us as one of the Best Places to Work, but we also received the prestigious award for Best Tour Operator to the USA & Canada.

What's different about working with us?

  • Each member of our experienced operations team got their start in the industry as a Group Leader, when you need help, your support staff knows exactly how you feel and how to help.
  • 1 Month Training Program- Our guides are some of the most extensively trained in the industry
  • Safety and Driving is our top priority, we have one of the best commercial driving scores in the industry
  • We allow leaders to grow their skills and work with them after each trip by reviewing each one
  • We give leaders the freedom to plan trips with their own personality in mind, be yourself and succeed. 
  • All lodging and transportation is included throughout the season for all our leaders
  • Keep your van all season, we want you to have the freedom to roam and refresh between tours
  • Knowledge is power, an extensive library written by past leaders to help you run each trip smoothly. 

The Employee Experience

"The thing that brings me back year after year is this is my dream job. My job is to travel around and show off this beautiful country to people from around the world. I’m pretty sure there is nothing cooler than that!" - Christine Cunningham, Senior Group Leader

"This summer I got to experience a season in Alaska. My “Wow” moment of the year was definitely landing on a glacier in the shadow of Mount McKinley. With my group smiling ear to ear, I took a step back and remembered, “I am getting paid to do this!” - Tommy MacNamara, Senior Group Leader

Ideal Candidate

When applying for a position with us, know that we demand a lot from our staff because we provide a level of service that is well above the standard in the adventure travel industry. We look for people aligned with our core values in their personal and professional lives. If you are a motivated, energetic, customer-focused and hard-working person with a love for people and the outdoors, and are interested in growing with us, we would love to learn more about you.

To meet our requirements and be competitive, you also must:

  • Legal US or Canada work eligibility
  • Clean driving record and ability to drive long distances
  • Excellent organization, public speaking and customer service skills
  • Can live a nomadic lifestyle and ability to work independently

Room and Board

Transportation and accommodation are provided throughout the season. 

Getting Here and Getting Around

Keep your van all season, we want you to have the freedom to roam and refresh between tours.

How to Apply

To apply, please submit a copy of your resume, optional video resume, cover letter and driving records. In your cover letter please include what particular skills or experiences you have that make you the best candidate for the position.

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