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Are you interested in historic preservation and working with us to continue the legacy of a unique destination?

Amargosa Opera House, Inc. is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the preservation of the town of Death Valley Junction and the artistic legacy of founder, Marta Becket.

We are a tiny town located on the eastern edge of Death Valley National Park.

About Amargosa Opera House, Inc.

Historic Death Valley Junction is located on the eastern edge of Death Valley National Park. The town's U-shaped complex was built in 1924 by the Pacific Coast Borax Company and is home to the Amargosa Hotel, Amargosa Café and the world-renowned Amargosa Opera House where Marta Becket (an artist from New York) painted the murals and performed ballet and pantomime for half a century.

Amargosa Opera House, Inc. (AOH, Inc.) is the non-profit that owns and manages this unique town of 3 residents. The goal of Amargosa Opera House, Inc. is to preserve and protect the natural and cultural resources of Death Valley Junction and the legacy of Marta Becket for the enjoyment, education and inspiration of current and future generations.

The historic Amargosa Hotel is open year-round, offering 16 rooms for rent, and welcomes travelers from all over the world. To ensure guests are able to enjoy the peace and quiet of the beautiful desert surrounds (including some of the darkest night skies in all of North America), the rooms do not have TVs or phones. In winter, guests can congregate around the open fire in the lobby area.

The Amargosa Café is open seasonally, from late September through Memorial Day, 4 days a week. Most of the ingredients are locally sourced from farms in the area and baked goods are made in-house. Many visitors consider the café a gem in the desert in reference to the clean, tasteful interior, the high quality ingredients used on the menu and the outstanding espresso coffee. 

The Amargosa Opera House is open to the public seasonally (mid-October through mid-May) for performances on weekends and open year-round for guided tours. Performances are varied but are usually acoustic music, ballets, plays and operas.

Wild horses visit the town regularly and bring their newborn in spring. The Junction is a magical place that tends to leave a lasting impression on those who visit and take the time to enjoy its stillness. 

The Employee Experience

Our location is remote, the closest town with grocery stores and a hospital is 25 minutes away. Living in Death Valley Junction feels a bit like being on a "desert" island with nothing but rugged Mojave Desert wilderness for miles in each direction.

No billboards, no franchises, the town is set back in time with spotty cell service and WiFi. During winter the average high is around 70˚F and the nights are usually cold (in the 30s). Temperatures reach well above 100˚F on most days during summer (with nights being in the high 90s). The air is dry and the wind can be fierce in spring. Rainfall occurs seldom but can be torrential and the town is prone to flooding. 

Photographers, filmmakers, writers, and artists like to come and be inspired by the surroundings because the view is expansive and the light is magical. 

Ideal Candidate

A successful employee is someone who is willing and able to adapt quickly and be easygoing in a variety of situations. We are a small company with unique visitors and circumstances.

A great candidate will be someone who shows initiative and is self-sufficient, possesses an artistic sensibility and some interest in history. If you are content to do your work in stillness and quiet and can always find something to do, even when the place is deserted and time seems to have stopped, then this may be the place for you.

If you are kind, compassionate, care about people and are willing to take the time to engage in their stories and experience (many are on the trip of their lifetime), you will find joy in being a part of making their visit memorable.

Room and Board

Housing is NOT provided for employees. If you have a self-contained travel trailer/camper that does not require wet camping, then you may be able to park on the property. We can supply electricity for a modest fee.

If you are looking for housing in the area, the closest living accommodations are located 7 miles north of Death Valley Junction at Longstreet Inn, Casino and RV Park in Amargosa Valley. There is a campground with hookups. There is also a trailer park across from the campground that will rent trailer houses on a monthly basis. 

Other accommodation options include rentals in the town of Amargosa Valley, NV (14 miles away or about 15 minutes) and Pahrump, NV (24 miles away) where the majority of the staff live.

Employee Perks

Hotel employees receive a 20% discount on purchases from the café menu and gift shop.

In addition, Café employees receive a complimentary meal for each full work shift.

All employees have complimentary access to performances at the Opera House during show season (October through May).

Getting Here and Getting Around

There is no public transportation in the area. A taxi service is cost-prohibitive because of the great distance between locations. Although the roads are level, there are no bike lanes or lights at night and the closest accommodations available are 7 miles away. For these reasons, we recommend a personal vehicle. It is the safest, most reliable way to get to and from Death Valley Junction.

For Fun

As a staff member, you will be able to attend any and all performances at the Amargosa Opera House, free of charge!

Only a 20-minute drive and you can hike in Death Valley National Park, soak in the natural hot springs in the town of Tecopa, drink a date shake at China Ranch in Tecopa, ride horses at Furnace Creek stables, stargaze on clear nights, photograph the ghost town of Rhyolite, climb Desolate Canyon, bike in Ash Meadows, and visit the surrounding communities of Shoshone, Timbisha Shoshone tribe, Beatty and Tecopa.

How to Apply

Please send a letter of interest to General Manager, Bobbi Fabian, at Include a brief statement about why you think you may be a good fit here and your past experience that is relevant to the position for which you are applying. Please attach your resumé to the email.

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