Line Cook
Alta Peruvian Lodge

The starting wage for Line Cooks is $1,400 per month, PLUS room and board and a season ski pass

Alta, Utah is one of the best and most beautiful ski areas in the world.

Alta, Utah
$1,400.00 / month
Some experience required
Start Date:
Starts in about 1 month. (Dec 01, 2021)

Alta is noted for its amazing snow conditions. Dry, fluffy powder may be found from November through April, giving Alta the best skiing conditions in the world.

The Alta Peruvian Lodge is a 73-year-old rustic ski lodge with a warm, comfortable ambiance. We operate a hotel, restaurant, gift shop, ski rental, and repair shop, and bar. We are currently seeking hard-working, friendly people to join our staff for the 2021-2022 ski season. We see a lot of returning staff each year but are always looking for new individuals to fulfill our needs.

What connects all of our employees is the fact that they are living and working in a (not too) remote ski area. Hence, our ideal candidates must be willing to embrace the seasonal, live-in lifestyle, which includes the ability to get along well with others living in close quarters. Also, (while not a requirement) an interest in winter sports and activities, especially skiing and snowboarding, is a definite plus as the Town of Alta does not offer much more in terms of activities. There is no “town” in the sense of restaurants, bars, and nightlife. The area primarily consists of the small handful of lodges that cater to their guests, so it can be a long season for someone who has no wish to venture out and have fun in the snow.   Many of our employees come to Alta with the intent of learning to ski, and leave at the end of the year feeling like a seasoned pro!   

The starting wage for Line Cooks is $1,400 per month, PLUS room and board and a season pass to either the Alta or Snowbird ski areas. 

Line Cooks will be cooking most of the food for the guests and some of the food for the employees according to Utah Health Code. They will be doing the advanced prep and cooking as well as plating of food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They will work on either the grill or sauté as well as the Pasta Bar.

They will be responsible for receiving orders as well as making sure proper items are prepped and ordered.

They will be responsible for cleaning the kitchen after every shift, including taking out the trash and cardboard. They will do dishes if necessary.

How to Apply

Apply online via the link below. 

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