Ultima Thule Lodge

Join the Family at Alaska's One-of-a-Kind Wilderness Flight Safari Lodge!

Ultima Thule, defined as ‘the land remote beyond reckoning,’ was built from with the understanding that indulging creature comforts and overwhelming the senses are ideal ingredients for once-in-a-lifetime experiences. This unique and timeless Lodge has adopted a style of “no roughing it” luxury that effortlessly enhances the already indescribable setting. 

Ultima Thule Lodge sits 100 miles from the literal end of the paved and maintained road system; Anchorage is over 350 miles due west of the lodge

About Ultima Thule Lodge

Ultima Thule is first and foremost a family owned and operated company with foundational values of hardwork and service. The lodge is an outpost of civilization in the heart of true wilderness and as such, relies on the skills and dedication of each person to maintain the needs of the community and our guests.

The Employee Experience

While we highly encourage folks to apply who love being in and enjoying all that nature has to offer, we kindly remind all applicants that being an employee of our wilderness lodge does not mean that you will be having the same experience in the surroundings that our guests enjoy.

Ideal Candidate

Our crew members consist of individuals who are passionate about wild places, committed to going above and beyond to create unforgettable experiences and motivated by the desire to grow as individuals while making strong social connections. Each person wears many hats throughout a season and works alongside all of the crew and family members to ensure that our small number of clients receive first class service and impeccable comfort during their visit to the “the middle of nowhere”. 

On down days, crew members enjoy getting out for hikes and camping adventures, however, the lodge guests are always the paramount focus and top priority. Our team understands that we are here to serve and enable our guests who are enjoying their own vacation time. Work days are long, the demands are high and enthusiasm is always expected. It’s imperative that our team is able to work and live together in a professional manner and overcome any stress or conflicts gracefully.

Room and Board

Meals are provided in a family-style atmosphere. Please note: we eat hearty/healthy meals with lots of fresh veggies and wild harvested fish and game – due to our remote location and demands on the kitchen staff we are not always able to accommodate special dietary needs from crew members. 

Dorm style housing is also provided and crew members may be asked to share a room with a person of the same gender. A crew sauna/bath house is also provided.

Remember this is remote Alaska and there is no indoor plumbing in the crew house. 

Each applicant is asked to mindfully consider if the lifestyle and challenges are right for them before pursuing a position!   

Getting Here and Getting Around

The lodge location is 100 miles from the nearest maintained road. Bush-style airplanes offer the only access to and from the property. Crew members arriving from out of state should make travel arrangements to Anchorage and will be met by a lodge representative on the first day of employment. Transportation to the lodge and back to Anchorage at the end of a crew members employment period is provided. 

How to Apply

Please familiarize yourself with our company by going through the information available on our website and Facebook. Then fill out the Employment Application, linked from the bottom of the Employment page, and send a cover letter and resume that explains your interest in working for us for the 2019 season.  

Look forward to hearing from you!