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The Assistant Engineer assists in the maintenance, efficient operation, and safety of the engine room and all machinery spaces of the vessel.  Also assists in the maintenance of cabins and all galley and hotel equipment.  The Assistant Engineer assists in ensuring the operational readiness of all mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic systems. Operates according to the Core Values of True Alaskan Hospitality as defined in our Mission Statement that drive the Guest Experience Culture.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Assist the Chief Engineer in the proper operation and maintenance of all systems in the engineering spaces.  This includes but not limited to, the propulsion systems and their controls, bilge and fire systems, electrical systems and components, HVAC systems, various pumps and piping systems, pneumatics, hydraulics and fuel and oil systems.  The maintenance of these systems centers on the preventive maintenance plan in place on the vessel. The Assistant Engineer is required to keep the Chief Engineer notified as to the condition of these systems and to report any maintenance on these systems that would affect their operation.
  • Assist the Chief Engineer in the maintenance and repair of deck machinery such as capstans, winches, davits and miscellaneous hydraulics.  As directed by the Chief Engineer, keep potable water system to ADEC standards and ensure that proper documentation and records are kept proving compliance.  Assist in the maintenance and repair of hotel systems such as air conditioning, MSD system and plumbing, and respond to passenger and crew complaints pertaining to these systems.  As directed by the Chief Engineer, regularly inspect all voids and bilges for structural and watertight integrity and ensure that they are kept clean and dry with respect to pollution control regulations. 
  • Assist the deck department as needed with line handling and rigging of the ships gangway.  Other deck duties may be required as assigned by the vessel master.
  • Assist the Chief Engineer in maintaining proper engineering logs, which includes the daily log, fuel and water logs, gray and black water logs, preventive maintenance records and machinery index. 
  • Holds a position on the ship’s Emergency Station Bill.  Must perform requirements of Emergency Station Bill for both drills and actual emergencies to include fire, flooding, man overboard, abandon ship, medical, and spill response.  Participates in crew safety meetings.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • A high school diploma and relevant maritime experience is required.  A proficiency in operating and maintaining a variety of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems is required.
  • Must have good communication skills
  • Writing skills require the ability to write text designed to communicate technical information.
  • Interpersonal skills require the ability to deal with situations where satisfactory resolution of issues must be achieved. (Such as stateroom repairs)
  • Must pass pre-employment drug screening and comply with company random drug testing program.
  • Proven team player and have a Can-Do attitude.
  • Must pass a security background check and drug test.